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A list of our own traitors costing the GOP a Senate majority

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 23/11/2020 00:36:00 Tiana Lowe
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Come hell or high water, or some sudden health tragedy, Joe Biden will become the nation's 46th president. Even after a hand recount in Georgia and dozens of lawsuits filed by President Trump's campaign, Biden has still beaten the Republican incumbent by a decisive 74 votes in an Electoral College victory that would require tens of thousands of votes in multiple states to overturn.

With Thanksgiving and soon, vote certifications due nationwide, the time for the Trump campaign to put up or shut up has been long past, and quite frankly, his D-list team has failed. To even the most of Trump's Very Online base, following Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and Sidney Powell's web of conspiracy theories is impossible. As Jonathan Swan, about as objective a news reporter as we can hope for in our debased media, put it, we're supposed to believe that Trump lost "Georgia is because Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has been bribed by a Venezuelan front company in cahoots with the CIA to throw elections to Communists," and then that he lost nationwide because hundreds of thousands of votes were rigged by Dominion Voting Systems, despite paper ballot recounts failing to find such a disparity.

If the president wants to tweet his way through a tantrum and beckon the dregs of his grifters to file frivolous lawsuits, that's his prerogative. But if his team of troglodytes thinks they can suicide the rest of the GOP, mainly its cusp of securing a Senate majority to protect the nation from the Left, on the way out, they have another thing coming.

Rather than abandon such Sisyphean after the humiliating Republican National Committee press conference from last week, Ellis and Giuliani announced on Sunday night that actually Powell, the lawyer they had lauded and appeared with in their official capacity as Trump's attorneys just 72 hours prior, maintained that Powell is not, in fact, a member of Trump's team.

Predictably and laughably, it's been clear for a while that it's every grifter out for themselves. But when that camp includes the president and the waning leader of the party refusing to accept the electoral mandate rejecting him as its leader, such hysteria has real, expensive, and fatal consequences. The clearest of these is Trump and company's apparent willingness to throw the reelection runoffs of Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, whose victories would ensure that the GOP keeps a 52-seat majority in the Senate.

By the grace of God and as evidenced by Democratic wipeouts in the House and Biden's success in the primary, the Democratic Party is still home to moderates such as Joe Manchin and Abigail Spanberger, who will not blow up the legislative filibuster or defund the police. But Biden's judicial appointees and Cabinet require the advice and consent of the Senate, and barring the victories of Loeffler and Perdue, the confirmations of Secretary of State Susan Rice or Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Warren are no mere nightmares. They're entirely plausible disasters ready to rewage war in the Middle East, blow up your retirement plans, and continue to indebt countless generations with aimless forever wars and welfare packages for the rich.

And thus, as you can see from the glee on the Left, the Trump clown show is willing to tank the future not just of the GOP but of our nation's hope for peace and economic solvency, refusing to redirect every iota of right-wing firepower on the Georgia races that could radically reshape our future and instead continue a vanity project.

"But he fights!" has always sounded hilariously dishonest, especially given the Faustian trade-off of Mitch McConnell giving the GOP a generation of judges while Trump live-tweeted OAN for four years. But conservatives are gaining a valuable window into who are the movement's most selfish and stupid traitors.

Now I'm not advocating for a McCarthyite list as AOC has wanted or claiming that real conservatives such as those hacks at the Lincoln Project ought to loathe every aspect of Trump's legacy because he ended the GOP's habit for perpetually bombing brown people. But when people tell you who they are, we must believe them, and right now, Ellis and the like have proven neither the integrity of our nation's democratic process nor the sheer pragmatics of giving the unborn and territories abroad a bulwark against radical warmongering and abortion expansion ought to come before telling our naked Nero of an emperor that his clothes are indeed winning.

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