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Pep Guardiola reveals training ground problem facing Man City this season

Manchester Evening News logo Manchester Evening News 22/11/2020 23:30:00 Tyrone Marshall

Pep Guardiola is confident his Manchester City players can rediscover the scoring touch in front of goal after revealing it's "impossible" to spend any time working on issues on the training ground this season.

City have scored just 10 times in eight Premier League games this season but will have little time to refine attacking patterns at the Etihad Campus, with Guardiola's side playing twice a week now until at least January.

The Blues have already played every midweek this season - aside from international breaks - and the schedule is going to remain intense throughout this season.

But as usual the run-up to the festive period and the games in December will be demanding on the squad and Guardiola accepts there is little time to spend time working on things in training.

"It's impossible," Guardiola said when asked if he would have time to work on things in training.

"But it's the same for all clubs so I'm not saying we're at an advantage or a disadvantage. But it's impossible, there's no time."

Guardola is refusing to place the blame for the lack of goals at the door of his players and insists it's down to him to find the solution.

But the Catalan doesn't see it as a major structural issue and points to the fact that the bulk of this squad are the same players who have scored 303 goals across the previous three Premier League seasons.

"I never said it was the responsibility of the players, it's my responsibility as a manager to lift them and to give them everything that's possible," said Guardiola.

"Never in my career of 12 years have I complained or pointed at someone that everything is going to solve. I love having Sergio back, I love having Gabriel back, but they are not going to solve all the situations.

"We scored in two seasons, more than 100 goals and 80 or 90 per cent of the players are the same, especially up front. Maybe we lost Leroy [Sane] but Leroy didn't play much last season because he was injured all season and we still scored 100 goals.

"We are the same but football is like this. Sometimes one season is completely different to another one. We will find a little bit the way to get better."

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