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Nick Chubb Went BeastMode on the Eagles After Unleashing Vicious Stiff-Arm

The Big Lead logo The Big Lead 22/11/2020 22:12:27 Ryan Phillips
a group of football players playing a football game: Nick Chubb stuff-arms Joe Ostman © Provided by The Big LeadNick Chubb stuff-arms Joe Ostman

Nick Chubb is good at football. The Cleveland Browns running back is over 100 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles and has been excellent when he's been on the field this season. On Sunday he turned things up a notch and went BeastMode on a 54-yard run.

Check this out and the stiff-arm that sprung him free:

What a run, here's another look with replays:

Baker Mayfield's celebration might be the best part:

Chubb's backfield-mate Kareem Hunt followed that run up with a five-yard touchdown run where he hurdled his way into the end zone:

It's fair to say Chubb's rumbling run might have been the most impressive of the year. He's got phenomenal vision and the power of that stiff-arm was incredible.

Chubb is the real deal at running back. He made the Pro Bowl in 2019 after rushing for 1,494 yards and eight touchdowns. Sunday was only his sixth game of 2020 after dealing with a knee issue earlier in the season. But he's been over 100 yards in back-to-back weeks and definitely has some momentum working in his favor.

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