Clare Crawley and Dale Moss to celebrate Thanksgiving together

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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are stuffing it to those cheating rumors. 

Less than a month after "The Bachelorette" couple officially went public with their engagement, TMZ reports that they are planning to spend Thanksgiving with each other's families on the West Coast.

Dale Moss et al. posing for the camera: Clare Crawley, fiance Dale Moss, The Bachelorette © ABC/Craig SjodinClare Crawley, fiance Dale Moss, The Bachelorette

Dale, the website says, has already flown from New York to Sacramento to be with Clare. The couple will then head down to San Diego to meet with family and friends on both sides.

The holiday comes amid allegations that Dale, a model, was seen kissing another woman in the Big Apple this week. According to unverified reports, Dale was seen smooching a woman in New York City at a bar. Prior to the alleged kiss, Dale had worked a Hugo Boss event with several female models, including the woman he allegedly kissed.

TMZ says Clare is putting no stock into that claim and Dale has flatly denied the cheating rumors. In fact, he says that of the two women he was with, one is married and the other has a serious boyfriend. Clare even met up with Dale in South Dakota after the alleged incident, all but proving she's not concerned. 

For the time being, the couple plans to split their time between Sacramento and New York City because of their careers.

The coast-to-coast romance is as unconventional as the origins of Clare and Dale's relationship. 

For months there had been speculation that Clare left "The Bachelorette" star early after falling hard for Dale. In late October, ABC confirmed the rumors. Host Chris Harrison noted that the last straw came from the Oct. 27 episode in which Clare refused to give the "group date rose" to anyone on the date, largely because Dale wasn't there. 

"That wasn't a great look, I will admit," the host said. "She was on the group date, had talked about Dale ad nauseam, and these guys just wanted a chance."

Eventually, producers stepped in.

"I just wanted [the potential suitors] to have a fair shot and you can very clearly see on that date, they're not getting that shot anymore," Chris said.

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