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Boris Johnson to end U.K. coronavirus lockdown on Dec. 2 but keep firm restrictions in place

New York Daily News logo New York Daily News 22/11/2020 19:28:22 Peter Sblendorio

Lockdown measures in the United Kingdom are slated to be scaled back early next month amid the coronavirus pandemic, but firm restrictions will remain in place, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Saturday.

The latest shutdown, which was introduced earlier this month, is now scheduled to conclude on Dec. 2, Johnson's office said.

Once the lockdown is over, different regions will adopt varying restrictions based on how badly COVID-19 cases are surging as part of an updated three-tiered system.

The restrictions will likely be sterner than the three-tiered system implemented in the U.K. in October ahead of the second lockdown.

Johnson's announcement Saturday was met with considerable resistance, including from some fellow members of the Conservative Party, who stressed concerns about how restrictions could negatively impact factors such as mental health and the economy.

Boris Johnson wearing a suit and tie: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. © Matt DunhamBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Matt Dunham/)

Seventy officials have shared their worries, including Steve Baker, who urged Johnson to show how his plans would "save more lives than they cost."

October's three-tiered approach encouraged people living in the highest-risk areas not to leave their communities. Restaurants and bars were also closed under the top tier of restrictions.

The scientific advisory group for the U.K. government is expected on Monday to recommend stricter guidelines than what the previous three-tiered system called for.

The lockdown implemented this month closed all restaurants, bars, gyms and stores that weren't considered essential.

While coronavirus cases have been declining recently in the United Kingdom, no other area in Europe has suffered more deaths from COVID-19 than the nearly 55,000 reported in the U.K.

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