This Influencer's Hack for Reviving 4-Day Old Curls is Sheer Genius - And Requires Minimal Effort

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If you've read any of my hair stories before, you'll know there's nothing I dislike more than washing my hair. Not because I don't want healthy, shiny hair, it's because my curls absolutely hate being clean. Whenever they're clean they separate, frizz and look all wiry.

With that in mind, I'm always on the hunt for new ways to keep my curls hydrated and in tact. Enter: Influencer Ash Paraskevas. Her hack for reviving four-day old curls is sheer genius if you ask me. While we do have different textured curls, the hack works the same as all curly hair faces the same issue - a lack of hydration.

Her first tip: wearing a silk turban to bed so that your curls are protected from unwanted frizz caused by friction while you sleep. Ash uses one from SILKE London. We recommend Australian brand DamnGina, if you want to support local.

Now for the hack, Ash cocktails a dollop (roughly two tablespoons) of Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($25) with a few pumps of Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil ($41) in a large spray bottle filled with water. Then, after fluffing her hair up with the DIY mix to give it back some shape, she sprays it evenly all over her ends, avoiding her scalp.

"I apply this evenly around my hair and try to avoid my scalp as much as possible. This mixture has everything you need for your hair. It's got moisture, hydration and nutrients. When spreading the product through my hair, I use the raking technique, where my hands act as a comb to detangle and also separate the curls. This helps to avoid breakage, and I also like the kind of curls it creates.

After that, she goes in with a little bit more of the mixture and sprays the areas that still feel dry and need a little bit more of that "hydration and nutrients."

Finally, she works a generous amount of Curls Goddess Curl Gel ($26.50) into to her locks, while applying any kind of hair gel sounds terrifying to me, Ash assures us that this gel isn't like the '90s version that hurt you.

"I find this gel is great for wash and go if you're after a more natural look and are just wanting to hold you refreshed curls. It is softer on the hair than Eco-styler and other more extreme hold gels. It definitely still creates a nice hold and there's no crunch! Which I absolutely love too."

"I apply this evenly around my hair and it's great for elongating the curls and making them a bit bigger, too." Ash finishes off her look by scrunching the curls up and letting them air dry. A classic curl haired girl move.

A a curly-haired girl, there is so much I love about this hack - the raking of the curls with your fingers, the extra boost of hydration curly hair so often desperately needs, and that she's found a gel that doesn't have that yuck crunch. I've just ordered Ash's recommended prods to try this one out myself. Thanks Ash!

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Below, you can watch her helpful tutorial and shop her recommended products.

Watch Ash's Tutorial For Reviving 4-Day Old Curls

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Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($25)

chart: Image Source: sheamoisture.com.au © Image Source: sheamoisture.com.auImage Source: sheamoisture.com.au

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil ($41)

Image Source: Ash Paraskevas © Image Source: Ash ParaskevasImage Source: Ash Paraskevas

Curl Goddess Curls Botanical Gelle

Curl Goddess Curls Botanical Gelle ($26.50)

a close up of a bottle: Image Source: saintcurl.com.au © Image Source: saintcurl.com.auImage Source: saintcurl.com.au

Damngina signature bubans (baby turbans)

Damngina signature bubans (baby turbans) ($40)

a close up of a flower: Image Source: damngina.com.au © Image Source: damngina.com.auImage Source: damngina.com.au

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