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Runny nose = cold not Covid

Cover Media logo Cover Media 17/09/2020 13:39:34
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With stories of children being sent home from school to isolate after showing symptoms of a cold, the immediate future of education is on shaky ground.

Add to that the lack of testing currently available in the U.K., and it's understandably leaving parents up and down the country worried.

In a bid to avoid overwhelming the NHS, and in order to stop unnecessary prolonged time off, doctors have stepped in to clarify how the common cold presents itself differently from Covid-19 - and it all comes down to a runny nose.

During a an appearance on Radio 4's Today show, epidemiologist Tim Spector stated that a runny nose, congestion and sneezing is a "sure sign" someone is suffering from a cold and not coronavirus.

"Certainly for the next few weeks while the whole system is stretched and this major school cold outbreak goes, I think that's the sensible advice," he told host Nick Robinson, who'd suggested those with cold symptoms stay home but don't get tested for Covid-19.

"So yes, absolutely, by all means keep your kid at home but don't rush around the country trying to get a test for something that's highly likely to be a cold and not Covid."

Back to school often signals the start of cold season, and after having such a long break, runny noses are rife among children at the moment.

Professor Spector, one of the experts helping to develop the Covid-19 Symptom Study, continued: "What we're learning from all these data points is that nearly everybody, 80 per cent of people in all the age groups reported quite severe headaches and tiredness, fatigue. What we're seeing is that people are particularly worried about having either a cold or Covid, if they don't have this combination of symptoms, it's highly unlikely their symptoms are actually related.

"We have to realise that perhaps 98 per cent of the tests are negative, so most of the people are getting it wrong."

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