The Repair Shop star Will Kirk opens up about cancelled wedding

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The Repair Shop star Will Kirk keeps his personal life very private, but has finally revealed that he is engaged to be married! Chatting on Lorraine, the TV personality revealed that he and his wife-to-be should have tied the knot in August, but were forced to cancel.

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Lorraine Kelly said: "You are engaged and that's grand! How has the lockdown been for you?" He replied: "I've been putting up lots of shelves, the lovely fiancé has been keeping me very busy! We were supposed to be getting married in August and unfortunately that didn't happen, so we're going to get married next year. Yes, I've been kept busy! 

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WATCH: Will talks about his fiancé for the very first time 

It looks like Will's other half wants to stay out of the spotlight, as she has yet to make an appearance on his social media channels. 

Will also become very emotional during his chat to Lorraine, who thanked him for making "the kindest and most authentic" show. He replied: "There's an amazing team there at the barn and it's a lovely show! Just watching that, there's a lump in my throat. We're so invested in the item and the people bringing them in.

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Will and his partner had to cancel their wedding due to coronavirus

"[So] many other things that have come in have been so emotional. Sometimes it's hard to do the work while not having tears running down your face. And you see how much these things mean to people, gosh, sorry!" 

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Will is a repair craftsman and expert in wood restoration. According to his website, he grew up watching his grandfather in his workshop, which inspired him to follow in his footsteps. He previously appeared on Channel Four's The French Collection and BBC's What To Buy and Why in 2015 before landing the The Repair Shop gig. 

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