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Spending time with friends, not family, is 'key to happiness'

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Spending time with your friends makes you feel happier than hanging out with your family, new research has discovered.

Researchers from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas found that people reported higher levels of wellbeing while with their friends, compared to when they spend time with their partner or children.

More than 400 participants were quizzed on the time spent with their friends or family, and they were asked to not only name the activity they shared, but had to rate how those experiences made them feel.

The team discovered that people were least happy when with their romantic partners, as they tend to do activities that involve menial tasks, such as childcare, cleaning or cooking.

More than 65 per cent of experiences with friends involved socialising, compared to 28 per cent of the time shared with their romantic partners, while spending time with their children also had a positive effect on their wellbeing.

Study leader professor Nathan Hudson suggested that people should try to enjoy more quality time with their partners and children, rather than basing their activities together on chores and housework.

"It's important to create opportunities for positive experiences with romantic partners and children - and to really mentally savour those positive times," he explained. "In contrast, family relationships that involve nothing but chores, housework, and childcare likely won't predict a lot of happiness."

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