Gardeners' World's Monty Don hits back at fans for critiquing his garden

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Gardeners' World host Monty Don has hit back at a fan who criticised him for not looking after his own garden and letting it overgrow. 

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The user wrote, "@TheMontyDon Gotta be painfully honest. Lots of your garden looking like a wilderness of scruffiness!

"Come on Monty, lop some of them tall, herbaceous, grass jungle junk out and get some spiral box, big bird tables, quirky paths, colour and food growth."

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Monty Don presents BBC's Gardeners' World

Monty graciously replied, "Thank you for your advice. I shall give it due consideration."

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Said follower responded to affirm that his comment was meant in good nature. "I hope you took that critique well," they wrote. "And, not as someone has twisted it on here.

"It was meant in good faith. Honest critique is hard for most sulky people to take, yet it's the finest of feedback one can grow with. I'm sure you'll give us great programmes ahead."

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Others were seemingly surprised by the judgement, though, and took to the social media platform to show their support for Monty's skills.

"In my opinion Monty, your garden is looking amazing," they wrote. "Our gardens are individual and ours to make. We will not all like the same thing but that's the point of gardening. Who cares if one plant has fallen into another? Not me. Keep up the good work."

Monty often shares photos of his garden online. A recent post revealed a walkway lined with concrete plant pots and tall green bushes, which he captioned, "Now all the long grass is cut, the hedge cutting can start in earnest."

Another image showed a mid-height bush that acts as a divider between the walkway and a myriad of brightly-coloured plants including pink and yellow sunflowers, and a deep purple plant. 

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