Trump Opens Door to Cuts to Medicare and Other Entitlement Programs 

The New York Times
WASHINGTON - President Trump suggested on Wednesday that he would be willing to consider cuts to social safety-net programs like Medicare to reduce the federal deficit if he wins a second term, an apparent shift from his 2016 campaign promise to protect funding for such entitlements. The president made the comments on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Despite promises to reduce the federal budget deficit, it has...... read more
23. tammikuuta 2020 0:25:00 Categories: RTBF The New York Times info - regions - liege

Factbox: Climate change plans of the leading U.S. Democratic candidates 

Factbox: Climate change plans of the leading U.S. Democratic candidates... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 23:18:37 Categories: RTBF Reuters info - regions - liege

Here's why Coca-Cola won't stop using plastic bottles 

Business Insider
Speaking at Davos on Tuesday, a Coca-Cola exec told the BBC that it does not have plans to stop using its single-use plastic bottles.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 19:10:00 Categories: Business Insider RTBF info - regions - liege

Coronavirus: Thailand is top destination for travellers from Wuhan 

The Independent
As concern grows about the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus, analysis of flight schedules has shown that the Thai capital, Bangkok, is the top international destination for travellers from the central Chinese city. At least nine people have died in the outbreak of the respiratory virus, with a further 440 cases reported. Travellers from China have been diagnosed with Wuhan Coronavirus in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the US. As Chinese New Year on...... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 11:44:00 Categories: RTBF The Independent info - regions - liege

PM seeks probe into McKenzie's sports grants program 

<p>The Prime Minister has asked the head of his department to investigate whether Senator Bridget McKenzie's handling of a contentious sports grant program breached ministerial standards.</p>... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 10:56:00 Categories: ABC NEWS RTBF info - regions - liege

Tour agencies: N Korea bans foreign tourists over new virus 

Associated Press
North Korea has banned foreign tourists to guard against the spread of a new virus from China, tour operators in China said. Foreign travel to North Korea has been temporarily suspended as of Wednesday, the Beijing-based Uri Tours said on its website citing its partners in Pyongyang. It said it wasn't immediately known how long the travel suspension will last or what protocols will be implemented.&nbsp;... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 9:05:00 Categories: Associated Press RTBF info - regions - liege

Lava visible on White Island but eruption unlikely
Lava has been spotted on the surface of Whakaari/White Island - the site of a deadly eruption last year - but there is no greater chance of a second one.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 5:24:00 Categories: RTBF info - regions - liege

More U.S. troops leave Iraq for medical treatment after Iranian missile attack, Pentagon says 

The Washington Post
President Trump and defense officials initially said there were no injuries, but concussion-like symptoms have appeared.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 3:55:00 Categories: RTBF The Washington Post info - regions - liege

Coronavirus situation 'evolving' as bio-security measures ramp up
It comes as a Brisbane man thought to have contracted the potentially deadly coronavirus has been released from isolation, with doctors confirming he is no longer displaying any symptoms.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 3:48:47 Categories: RTBF info - regions - liege

No Time to Die shows Bond reuniting with returning characters 

Digital Spy (UK)
Hello, old friends.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 2:37:36 Categories: Digital Spy (UK) RTBF info - regions - liege

Bonds, Clemens face best chance at Cooperstown on 2021 ballot 

Sporting News
In an exceptionally light 2021 Hall of Fame ballot, could Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens make a run at Cooperstown?... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 2:19:28 Categories: RTBF Sporting News info - regions - liege

'The Witcher' breaks Netflix series viewership records with one big catch 

The Hollywood Reporter
The streamer, in announcing its fourth-quarter earnings results, also revealed it has changed how it measures a view to as little as two minutes.... read more
22. tammikuuta 2020 0:16:23 Categories: RTBF The Hollywood Reporter info - regions - liege

DeLorean confirms plans to produce "new" DMC-12s 

It's never too late to go back to the future.... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 21:00:00 Categories: Hagerty RTBF info - regions - liege

Relentless northwestern US storm train to unload inches of rain, yards of snow 

As January ends and February begins, storms originating over the Pacific will continue to roll into the northwestern United States, making it seem almost as though Mother Nature has strung together a long freight train of precipitation. The stormy stretch may seem like business as usual during the wintertime for long-time residents in the Northwest, but many may grow weary of the relentless stormy pattern that will last through next week and...... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 19:34:05 Categories: AccuWeather RTBF info - regions - liege

Weinstein's lawyers preview emails from accusers 

The third week of Harvey Weinstein's sex-crimes trial began with more arguments over motions before opening statements on Wednesday.... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 19:12:41 Categories: RTBF USA TODAY info - regions - liege

Nicklaus at 80: 'I've still got a lot of things I want to do' 

Golf Digest
Jack Nicklaus still keeps plenty busy designing courses, helping charitable causes and mentoring young players. And he wants to keep it that way... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 18:00:00 Categories: Golf Digest RTBF info - regions - liege

How the Senate trial's first day may proceed, hour by hour 

FOX News
Here is how things are expected go down Tuesday in the Senate for President Trump's impeachment trial.... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 12:18:00 Categories: FOX News RTBF info - regions - liege

Crown inquiry could scupper Packer's $1.7b deal
James Packer will be thrust into the spotlight as an inquiry investigates the billionaire's proposal to sell 20 per cent of the Crown casino operation to a Hong Kong businessman.... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 11:29:00 Categories: RTBF info - regions - liege

Is it time for Australia to do a Megxit? 

The Australian Republican Movement is launching a new campaign for an Australian head of state, just as Harry and Meghan step away from the British royalty.... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 4:00:00 Categories: AAP RTBF info - regions - liege

Scott Morrison says the government is acting on emissions 

The Guardian
The prime minister says the Coalition is acting on emissions, meeting its targets and doing more than Labor did when in power.&nbsp;... read more
21. tammikuuta 2020 3:00:00 Categories: RTBF The Guardian info - regions - liege
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