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Steve thought his holiday was ruined when he lost his money...then a stranger rang him

Manchester Evening News logo Manchester Evening News 19/06/2017 15:01:58 Rebecca Day

A taxi driver has spoken of his gratitude after a Good Samaritan returned his worldly possessions - including his bank cards, licences and holiday money - after he left them on an airport trolley.

Steve Atkinson felt like he was 'going to have a heart attack' when he realised he had left the documents in the trolley while picking up two elderly ladies from Manchester Airport on Thursday afternoon.

The bag contained £650, which he planned to spend on an annual family holiday to Wales.

But Steve was 'blown away' by the kindness of a stranger, who found the items then phoned him up, eager to return every last penny.

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The 54-year-old, who lives in West Kirby in the Wirral, said: "I was taking two women who were in their late 70s back to the Wirral - they aren't good on their feet.

"I put all the cases on a luggage trolley when I picked them up.

"I got the ladies in the car and put the air-con on for them, then drove off, leaving my cash bag in the trolley.

"When I dropped one of the ladies off, she gave me a nice tip, then I went to put it in my bag.

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"But as I was looking for my bag, I remembered where I left it. The panic set in - I thought I was going to have a heart attack."

The bag had £650 in cash and cheques, including some money for returns that had been paid up front. The bag also had his bank cards, taxi licence and driving licence inside.

Steve had planned to use the money to pay for his annual family holiday to Wales, and horror set in when thought he was going to have to cancel.

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But all his prayers were answered when he got a call telling him kind hearted stranger Tony Allen had found his possessions and was eager to return them.

The pair met the next day, in the carpark at Terminal 1, and even had a nice hug to celebrate the occasion.

Steve said: "I was blown away. All my holiday money was in there. All that money had gone, but it's back again.

"It was such a nice gesture. I thought it would be nice to share the story, with all the terrible things that are happening at the moment."

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