Royal Wedding chaos - Robbie William's mum's hat BLOWS OFF as wife Ayda Field tries to elegantly arrive at Princess Eugenie's wedding

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Watch: Robbie William arrives at royal wedding and mum-in-law's hat flies off [Mirror]

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field have arrived for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding.

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ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images) © GettyADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

They've brought with them their six-year-old daughter Teddy, who is one of the many bridesmaids waiting to process down the aisle ahead of the bride - but she's still waiting with the rest of the wedding party.

Gareth Fuller//Pool via REUTERS © ReutersGareth Fuller//Pool via REUTERS

Robbie has brought with him his mum, but she suffered a faux pas when her hat blew down the street - forcing Robbie to jog awkwardly down the road to grab it.

At first glance, it seems an unlikely friendship - just what does the ninth in line to the British throne have in common with the two newest X Factor judges?

Aaron Chown/Pool via REUTERS © ReutersAaron Chown/Pool via REUTERS

But Robbie and Ayda have actually known Eugenie and Jack for years , and enjoy a close friendship with them.

Teddy's famous parents aren't too keen on her face being shown in public, but it looks like they're making an exception for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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