Rat Rods, Custom Cars, and Classic Trucks-for Millennials: Paradise Road Show 2020 in Palm Springs

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The Paradise Road Show recently came back for its fourth year, and it was a far cry from the event's humble meetup-style beginnings. Founded in 2016 by Lana MacNaughton, Adri Law, and Chase Stopnik, the show features a slew of midcentury hot rods, rat rods, and kustoms, as well as an impressive moto display and plenty of classic trucks. The idea for organizing this show came together to fill a void: No local hot rod events seemed to cater to the millennial generation, so they decided to create it.

While the young and colorful setting of the Saguaro Hotel makes for prime Instagram material, the founders intend for this to be an event for all ages. "This is really a show for everyone, old and young, single people and families with babies, and we love dogs. Please, bring your dogs," Lana says with a smile. They seem to have cracked an impossible code in the automotive world: How to make hot rods appeal to the younger generation, and more specifically, young women. How do you get the under-40 crowd to attend your event? Social media, of course. The Paradise Road Show team has, quite remarkably, grown this event through the power of Instagram, word of mouth, and through attendees' own social-media posts gaining the attention of their following.

a motorcycle parked next to a car engine: 001-paradise-road-show-2020-hot-rods-palm-springs © William Walker001-paradise-road-show-2020-hot-rods-palm-springs

No details are spared in creating the vibe of nostalgia. "Everything you see here is very curated, and meant to look good. Most people come back for the second day because they feel they haven't seen it all," Adri explains. And it's true-they've created more of an immersive experience than your typical show 'n' shine car show. "Women pay special attention to detail-this show would definitely feel different if it was organized by men," Lana adds.

All display vehicles, bikes, and even the vintage merchandise sold in the vendor area are required to be from 1975 or older. It's the small details like those that show the prowess of the staff that put it on, but the flawless preservation of nostalgia is what sets this show apart from any other Southern California car meetup. The vendor area features artists who can stitch your name on a custom jacket within minutes, and pinstripe artists who can bring your riding gear to the next level. Local artisans, vintage clothing stores, and gear shops flank the hotel's upper floor, and bring a truly interactive experience to the day. Many attendees arrive in full vintage outfits or some type of sartorial nod to the culture of decades past. Fun inclusions like a pie-eating contest, late-night cover bands, a men's barber shop set in an Airstream, and an on-the-spot tattoo artist make the weekend one its spectators won't soon forget.

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The objective for the ladies at the helm of this event is to take it far beyond the confines of Palm Springs. "The goal for the Paradise Road Show, ultimately, is to literally take it on the road," Lana tells us. And their dream is slowly becoming a reality; if you're in the Nashville area on Memorial Day weekend, you're in luck, as the Paradise Road Show will be having its first out-of-state event there May 23, 2020.

Read more about the Paradise Road Show here.

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