Mid-'70s Chevy Muscle Machines Discovered in a Junkyard

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a red car parked in a parking lot: 02-1975-el camino-ss-grill-emblem.JPG

It's all too easy to overlook Chevy performance cars built in the mid-'70s. Sandwiched between the real-deal muscle machines of the first go-around (1957-'72) and the credible second-wind of the '80s (e.g., 5.7 IROC-Z, Monte Carlo SS, and C4 Corvette), 1973'79 Chevys bore the brunt of catalytic converters, 5-mph bumpers, 85-mph speedometers, and the death of the big-block V-8 in passenger cars. They were dark days indeed. checking out a pair of 1975 Chevrolets with as much sporting intent as GM dared pull off. As always, Bashed Bowties isn't an automotive dating service, but there's nothing stopping you-or the next guy-from dropping a dime, making a deal, and saving a relic in need.

a red vintage car parked in a parking lot

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Groovy Factoids When it debuted in 1975, the Monza's quad rectangular headlamps were the latest fashion rage. But get this ... in mid-1975, Chevrolet released the Monza S, a notchback coupe with opera windows and traditional round headlamps. Meant to appeal to more sedate customers, the Monza S also replaced the 2+2's slanted nose with a much more conventional upright grille. Drag racers-including Bill Grumpy Jenkins-flocked to the more aerodynamic 2+2 hatchback, and ignored the stodgy S.

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Before settling on the Monza nameplate, Chevrolet intended to call its sleek new compact car the Chapparal. Unfortunately, that name was already sewn up by Jim Hall, builder of legendary road race machines of the same name. Being a reasonable man, Hall offered the use of "his" name in exchange for a mere $350,000 (equal to just under $1.7 million in 2020 dollars). GM told Hall to "keep it" and settled on the name Monza, which was used earlier on performance-oriented Corvair models in the early '60s.

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