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Keeping Tesla Roadsters Alive Is Serious Work

Road & Track logo Road & Track 26/08/2019 22:30:51 Chris Perkins
a close up of a truck: If you have a Tesla Roadster and you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably know Carl Medlock. © CNBC - YouTubeIf you have a Tesla Roadster and you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably know Carl Medlock.

The Tesla of today is very different than the company that built the Lotus-based Roadster from 2008 to 2012. Since 2012, Tesla has become an automotive force, pushing EVs into the mainstream with cars like the Model S, Model X, and most recently, the Model 3. The company's big growth has created some unintended consequences for Roadster owners, however.

Tesla service centers are busy with the S, X, and 3, and as a result, don't have much time to work on the 2500-or-so Roadsters the company built. Moreover, some of the personnel who worked on the Roadster when it was new have since left the company. So if you own a Roadster, you need a specialist. In the Pacific Northwest, your guy is Carl Medlock.

Video: This Former Tesla Employee Fixes Tesla Roadsters

CNBC made a video profile on Medlock, who's become a well-known figure within the Tesla Roadster community. Medlock was a territory manager for Tesla from 2009 to 2013. He was laid off, and after a yearlong break from Tesla, started working on Roadsters. Now, along with his son Randy, he runs Medlock and Sons Tesla and EV Service in Seattle, and works primarily on Roadsters.

There are unique challenges that come with working on these cars. You might have to rebuild a circuit board one day, and fabricate a new hood the next day. Actually, if any body parts are damaged, you'll have to fabricate them. Tesla doesn't sell parts to anyone, so Medlock has taken to fashioning new panels out of carbon fiber himself.

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The video provides a fascinating look at what goes into keeping the Roadster alive. It's traditional work, with a modern twist. 

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