Alex Turnbull robocalls against Tony Abbott

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Malcolm Turnbull's son has targeted Tony Abbott on the eve of the election in a bid to oust him from his seat.

Alex Turnbull voiced a robocall for activist group GetUp! Accusing Mr Abbott of being the one who "drove the coup that removed Malcolm" - telling voters "don't give Tony Abbott your vote."

The call was made to 15,000 voters in Warringah, where Mr Abbott faces a challenge from independent candidate Zali Steggall.

In the robocall obtained by 9News, Alex Turnbull said: 

"I'm calling to let you know that this election you have a choice.

"You can vote for Peter Dutton's ally Tony Abbott, who drove the coup that removed Malcolm and has been a driver of the non-stop instability of the party.

"With people like Tony in office, there is no hope of stable government under the Liberals.

"Or, you can vote for someone who has integrity and standing up for action on the climate crisis.

A vote for Tony Abbott is a vote for more climate chaos and more chaos in Canberra."

Tony Abbott wearing a suit and tie: Malcolm Turnbull's son has targeted Tony Abbott. © AAPMalcolm Turnbull's son has targeted Tony Abbott. Speaking on Today, Bill Shorten backed Alex Turnbull:

"I can't fault a man's son defending his father against the people who treated him so shabbily. The Liberal Party used and abused Turnbull. 

"They just turfed him out like a used box of Kleenex tissues.

"So if that was my dad, I might do the same thing as Alex Turnbull."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded to the robocall by saying of Alex Turnbull:

"I haven't got an interest in what he is saying. I'm interested in what the broader majority of Australians are saying and what they want."

Alex Turnbull has also sought to help unseat Greg Hunt with a robocall in the Victorian seat of Flinders, and Kevin Andrews from his seat of Menzies.

Pictures: Federal Election 2019: Scott Morrison's campaign

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