Hawke 'man who made modern Australia' says Beazley

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Western Australia Governor Kim Beazley has eulogised Bob Hawke as a man who "made modern Australia".

The former deputy prime minister, Labor leader and US ambassador spoke to Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair.

"Last night I could barely put two words together, I was so sad," he said.

Kim Beazley wearing a suit and tie: Former Labor leader Kim Beazley has praised the late Bob Hawke. © A Current AffairFormer Labor leader Kim Beazley has praised the late Bob Hawke.

"This morning I became elevated because you just saw a wonderful outpouring of appreciation of a really, genuinely great life.

"As a friend of Bob's, you had a feeling there's a lot of people who shared your grief."

He said without the "massive" reforms instituted by Mr Hawke and his government, Australia would not enjoy the global stance it had.

"The reforms, which were done in a number of other countries as well, were not done as well as they were here," Mr Beazley said.

Bob Hawke, Kim Beazley standing next to a man in a suit and tie: He praised Hawke's government for creating © AAPHe praised Hawke's government for creating

"Because Bob had a heart, and he was absolutely determined that he would ensure that everybody benefited as they came out of what was a substantial economic reconstruction.

"That was because he loved people."

He said without the reforms, Australian society would be less fair, "infinitely" less productive, and workers would be less well-paid.

But he rebutted the idea that Mr Hawke was only a man of his time.

"If he was a current politician, he would be adjusted to be a current politician," he said.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Beazley said many across Australia were grieving. © AAPBeazley said many across Australia were grieving.

"Bob would have been a great politician whether he was our prime minister at Federation, our prime minister in World War Two, or our prime minister now."

And he said the current generation of politicians could learn from Mr Hawke's life and career.

He said while Mr Hawke took note of opinion polls or public sentiment, he regarded it as "merely the starting point" of a conversation.

"The end point was reform or change, adjusted by the things which made it acceptable," Mr Beazley said.

"Mere fact of public opposition didn't daunt him a bit, but he did not ignore it."

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