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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage brushes off Arron Banks funding claims as 'gossip'

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 17/05/2019 18:09:26 Katy Clifton
Nigel Farage wearing a suit and tie © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has branded allegations he received financial support from Arron Banks as "gossip".

The remarks came after Channel 4 News claimed the insurance tycoon spent approximately £450,000 on Mr Farage in the year following the EU referendum in 2016.

A firm owned by Mr Banks leased a £4.4 million home in Chelsea for Mr Farage at an approximate £13,000 a month and he was also provided with a £32,000 Land Rover and a driver, a Channel 4 investigation claimed.

Campaigning for the European Parliament elections in the West Midlands, Mr Farage said: "These are historical allegations that have been made, nothing to do with the Brexit Party and nothing to do with this campaign."

Nigel Farage wearing a suit and tie: Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage (PA) © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedBrexit Party leader Nigel Farage (PA)

Asked if he had received up to £450,000 from Mr Banks a year after the Brexit referendum, Mr Farage said: "Unfortunately not. If it was true it would be lovely."

Pressed as to whether Mr Banks had paid for his flat, flights or a trip to the United States, Mr Farage added: "Where I went on holiday and what my private arrangements are, are none of your business or anybody's else's.

"Let me just tell you this - this is the Brexit Party. I've told you how we're funded. You know what I am doing and all the rest is frankly gossip."

Questioned as to how the Brexit Party is being funded, Mr Farage said: "That is the really big story - I agree with you.

"We're well through 100,000 people now who've signed up as registered supporters, all paying their £25. This is a genuine grass roots upwelling of people who've had enough and want to get moving."

a man wearing a suit and tie: Arron Banks (Victoria Jones/PA) © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedArron Banks (Victoria Jones/PA)

Mr Banks accused Channel 4 of attempting to smear him and Mr Farage.

The businessman told the broadcaster: "Channel 4 attempts to smear myself and Nigel come at a time when the Brexit Party is riding high in the polls, so it should come as no surprise to anyone."

Mr Farage has denied receiving any funding from Mr Banks for the Brexit Party.

Additional reporting by Press Association.

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