XXXX Alehouse operating without licence for 15 years

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a close up of a beverage on a table: Operations will remain as normal while the correct permit is issued. © NineOperations will remain as normal while the correct permit is issued. The iconic XXXX Alehouse Bar and Restaurant has been operating for 15 years without a licence.

The brewery self-reported to Brisbane City Council after a review revealed the error.

"Tours of the brewery may have begun as an ancillary use to the brewing operations, however, their popularity has grown and they are no longer considered ancillary," Brisbane City Council said in a statement.

Fifteen thousand people visit the Alehouse every year.

"We'd like to reassure lovers of XXXX that brewery tours will continue, and operations at the brewery will continue as normal," Castlemaine Perkins said in a statement.

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The company has lodged the correct permit application with Brisbane City Council for assessment.

Council said it has no plans to penalise the company over the permit mishap or suspend operations while the approval process is underway.

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