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Ross Kemp hunts down suspected gunman in dramatic West Midlands Police ITV documentary

Birmingham Mail logo Birmingham Mail 27/02/2019 16:56:40 Katie Brooks

Ross Kemp is back on our screens this week with a new documentary that features West Midlands Police.

In The Line Of Fire With Ross Kemp sees the actor and TV presenter going inside tactical firearms teams and out on the beat with officers to investigate whether all police should be armed.

It's a follow-up to last year's ITV documentary, Ross Kemp And The Armed Police, where he was given exclusive access to specialised armed police units.

This time he goes on the frontline with officers whose experiences of being confronted with lethal weapons have been captured on their body cameras to ask whether police at any level can be left unarmed today.

Ross Kemp smiling for the camera: In The Line Of Fire With Ross Kemp © ITVIn The Line Of Fire With Ross Kemp  

Ross goes out with a covert MASST (Mobile Armed Support To Surveillance Team) in the West Midlands on the trail of an individual they suspect has a gun.

After waiting several hours for the raid, then arresting the man using aggressive tactics, one of the anonymous officers says: "We'll get intelligence from that tonight, and it puts them on the back foot, because they don't know when the next strike's going to come.

"Occasionally we get the intelligence and we get lucky, we get a good seizure of drugs and or firearms and then we're able to put them in prison and protect the public, which is what we're here to do."

Ross asks Dave Sturman, West Midlands Police's detective superintendent in charge of the team, whether using aggressive tactics and 15 armed officers on one raid is overkill.

a group of people standing in front of a military uniform: Ross Kemp with police officers from the West Midlands Tactical Fire Arms Team © ITVRoss Kemp with police officers from the West Midlands Tactical Fire Arms Team

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He says: "Firearms tactics can on the face of it seem to quite aggressive but that is designed with a purpose to get control quickly.

"You need that domination effect to make it absolutely clear to the opposition that we are in charge and we are going to take them into custody.

"One of the key factors here is to put the fear back on to them that they are going to get caught and convicted, we must do that if we are going to suppress this problem properly."

Det Supt Sturman also says the problem is escalating and that the force has had 16 firearms discharges in the last month.

In The Line Of Fire With Ross Kemp will air on Thursday, February 28, at 9pm on ITV.

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