Students banned from Darwin shopping centre after brawl

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A wild brawl between about 150 high schoolers at a Darwin shopping centre left innocent bystanders sprinting to escape the violence.

Casuarina Square has banned students from Casuarina Senior College from entering the centre solo, after a brawl broke out yesterday afternoon just before 4pm.

Dramatic vision sent to 9News shows a high-intensity fight unfold inside the centre. An onlooker said shoppers were running to avoid the stampede of students.

Centre Management believe about 150 kids were either involved or watching.

a group of people walking down a street: Students have been banned from the shopping centre. © 9NewsStudents have been banned from the shopping centre.

"We had two guards respond in less than 30 seconds, we had another guard in the minute that followed that and, all in all, we had about 13 resources on the floor dealing with this issue," Centre Manager Mardy Ashkine told 9News.

She said she made the decision to ban students as a warning.

"Kids need to realise that in today's age of access to digital imagery, what they do can stay with them for their entire lives," Ms Ashkine said

"I would also send a message to those kids that want to come and watch, the impact that actually has in those situations is quite serious as well."

a man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera: Centre Manager Mardy Ashkine. © 9NewsCentre Manager Mardy Ashkine.

The Northern Territory Department of Education said the behaviour is unacceptable and those directly involved will be suspended.

Former Education Minister Eva Lawlor said it's disappointing it was older students doing the wrong thing.

"I know that the school is going to have an assembly today. The school will be working with those families, some of those students will be suspended, but it is also a matter for police as well," Lawlor said.

Police are reviewing security vision as a part of the investigation.

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