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Richard Madeley goes 'full on Alan Partridge' during naked Brexit interview on Good Morning Britain

Manchester Evening News logo Manchester Evening News 12/02/2019 10:57:47 Vickie Scullard
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He's well known for his tendency to drift into Alan Partridge mode - but Richard Madeley surpassed his own benchmark this morning.

And the presenter, who is filling in for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, also managed to make more headlines than his grumpy counterpart for his bizarre comments when he started to trend on Twitter.

All the ingredients were present and correct - Richard, a naked woman, and a hard hitting issue.

Dr Victoria Bateman, a Cambridge academic and naked Brexit protester, was discussing the reason behind why she was protesting in the buff with writing across her breasts when "accidental Partridge" began.

a person in a suit and tie: Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway speaking to naked Brexit protester Dr Victoria Bateman © ITV screengrabRichard Madeley and Kate Garraway speaking to naked Brexit protester Dr Victoria Bateman

"We can't read it because we've had to pixelate it," he began, discussing the writing.

Gesturing (and looking) directly at her chest, he said: "Across this part - which we probably could show - is 'Brexit', and above your right breast it says 'leaves' and above your left breast it says 'Britain', and under both breasts it says 'naked'.

"So Brexit leaves Britain naked. It's beautifully written in capitals. Who wrote it?"

Twitter went into meltdown at his hilarious interview technique - and both 'Richard Madeley' and '#GoodMorningBritain' started trending.

One viewer tweeted: "Richard Madeley is at it again #AccidentalPartridge"

Another said: "Richard Madeley is only a heartbeat away from asking someone to "smell my cheese" #GMB #AccidentalPartridge"

A third posted: "Richard Madeley interviewing a naked female lecturer on @GMB. Cancel the Alan Partridge comeback, this is all we need #gmb #goodmorningbritain."

It's not the first time that Richard has been compared to Steve Coogan's comic character.

Last year he was slammed by Good Morning Britain viewers for 'creepy comments' to weather presenter Lucy Verasamy about her clothes that were compared to the hapless Radio Norwich DJ.

Richard, 62, and Kate Garraway, 51, are sitting in for Piers and Susanna Reid while they take a three-week break.

Good Morning Britain airs daily from 6am on ITV.

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