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Good Morning Britain viewers furiously tune out over NAKED anti-Brexit campaigner

Birmingham Mail logo Birmingham Mail 12/02/2019 10:29:32 James Rodger

Fans of Good Morning Britain have been left brutally slamming a segment on Tuesday's edition.

GMB viewers flocked to Twitter and Facebook to have their say after a guest appeared NAKED.

Dr Victoria Bateman from Cambridge University appeared on the ITV1 daytime favourite as part of a Brexit debate.

ITV pixelated her body, which carried anti-Brexit sentiments.

She explained: "I wrote thousands of words about Brexit before we left and I decided to condense my thoughts down into a single simple message - that Brexit leaves Britain Naked."

Presenter Kate Garraway replied: "I find it a little bit shocking, we don't see naked people every often."

a close up of a person: Dr Victoria Bateman on GMB © ITVDr Victoria Bateman on GMB

Dr Bateman continued: "I think we see naked women round us all the time, there's a whole world of pornography, there is nudes in art, but the problem is they're silent and not allowed a voice.

"I'm not an exhibitionist, I'm using my body to deliver a message about the most important issue facing Britain in a generation."

At the end of the interview she invited Jacob Rees Mogg to debate the issue with her - naked.

a group of people in the water: Dr Victoria Bateman on GMB © ITVDr Victoria Bateman on GMB

She was joined by Henry Newman, Director of Open Europe, who claimed it was an "embarrassing stunt".

Dr Bateman argued that what she was doing was not illegal and that we see naked women in advertising and pornography.

She said: "The key message I really have to deliver is Brexit is the Emperor's new clothes. What high profile Brexiteers promised voters is not possible to deliver."

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And viewers were NOT impressed, with one branding her a "naked idiot".

"Weird people in the world," another wrote, while a third suggested she was "barking mad."

Another said: "I just don't understand why she has to be naked to get a serious message across?

"She argues that people want women covered up but has not said who?

"She is making a serious topic a publicity stunt and a joke.

"You don't need to be naked to be comfortable in your own skin"

*GMB continues on ITV at 6am tomorrow

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