Teenage girl mauled by shark

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A Perth girl has been left with vicious teeth marks on her foot after being mauled by a shark.

Isabella Brett-Jensen was swimming in waist-deep water at North Cottesloe beach when she was mauled about 11.30 this morning.

Within seconds of entering the water, the 15-year-old felt something latch onto her foot but she couldn't see anything beneath the surface.

"I was trying to wriggle it out and then I realised there was something actually suckling on my foot," she told 9News.

a person smiling for the camera: Isabella Brett-Jensen was attacked while swimming at an unpatrolled beach in Perth. © 9NEWSIsabella Brett-Jensen was attacked while swimming at an unpatrolled beach in Perth.

She only noticed the deep lacerations to her foot once she collapsed back on the sand.

"Bits of my foot or like flesh actually fell off as I was walking up. There was blood everywhere," Isabella said.

The young girl was swimming at an unpatrolled beach so had to phone relatives for help.

She was taken to Claremont Medical Centre where she received seven stitches in the deepest wound.

a close up of a person: The schoolgirl needed seven stitches. © 9NEWSThe schoolgirl needed seven stitches.

Isabella said the doctor who examined her injury told her the puncture wounds may have been caused by a bite from a wobbegong shark.

The species can grow up to 3m in length and is commonly found in shallow coastal waters.

Marine experts say wobbegongs aren't normally aggressive but are capable of inflicting painful bites.

The teen said she was thankful the shark attack was only minor and has urged others to be careful.

"I'm still a bit shook from it, it's been a bit of a tiring day," Isabella said.

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