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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton rift: Royal correspondent reveals truth on This Morning

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Royal correspondent Camilla Tominey revealed the truth behind rumours of a royal rift on This Morning.

The journalist was responding to news that one of Meghan Markle's bodyguards has quit, with some citing difficulties with the Duchess of Sussex.

Camilla told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that those reports had got a little out of control.

She said: "Apparently, the lady was leaving for personal reasons. If it had been anything else she would have just moved to a different position and remained a bodyguard."

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The Sunday Times reported that Samantha Cohen, 49, was leaving her post and said Meghan had made things tough for the security team.

Camilla dismissed that version of events, but did say there was some ambiguity around one of the palace PAs quitting.

She said: "Melissa, who left, she hasn't spoken to the press, despite us trying, so there is ambiguity around that."

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And she also confirmed reports of a royal row just hours before Meghan's wedding in May last year.

She said: "There was a bridesmaid issue, and Kate did cry. I stand by that and the palace have not rang to say it is wrong."

But she did go on to say that sister-in-laws are not going to be friends straight away and they both looked like they were getting on at Christmas.

She added that there was also a clash over a tiara and that The Queen had to step in and calm the situation.

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Explaining how it unfolded, Camilla said the couple were in tears the day before the wedding, incredibly upset with Meghan's father's behaviour.

The stress had led Harry to tell palace staff that his bride was in great distress and had given up so much so could have what she wanted.


Camilla said: "The Queen did say, during the tiara incident "come on, Harry'".

Sympathising with the royals, Holly said: "What family doesn't have issues?"

Holly Willoughby et al. standing in front of a building: Holly and Phil on This Morning © Credits: ITVHolly and Phil on This Morning



Agreeing, Camilla also said that she felt Meghan had coped very well with the transition to royal life.

She said: "I think she is doing really well, she looks amazing, she speaks well. She has played a blinder.

"There have been two worlds coliding. The hierarchical structure is always an issue. There is a way of doing things. And there is an adjustment to royal life."

*This Morning is on ITV1, weekdays from 10:30am

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