21 of the world's best breakfasts

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From eggs on toast to sausages and pancakes with maple syrup, there are many interesting dishes to try for breakfast. Here's a look at some of them.

1. England

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A traditional English breakfast consists of eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), grilled tomatoes, bacon, mushroom, buttered toast, sausages and tea.

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2. Germany

© Libortom/iStock/Getty Images Plus Bread rolls (usually rye or multi-grain) with ham (or assorted cold cuts), butter and marmalade, and coffee is usually the traditional breakfast in Germany. There may also be a selection of cheeses, fresh fruits and juices.

3. Turkey

© CerebroCreative/Getty Images A traditional Turkish breakfast is called "Kahvalti" and includes two to three varieties of cheese and bread, an assortment of jams and spreads (both sweet and savory), eggs and a spicy beef sausage called "sucuk," and several mugs of Turkish tea.

4. United States

© kirin_photo/Getty Images There are several traditional breakfast options in the U.S., including staples like eggs, bacon and toast with coffee. However, a popular option (and a potential American classic) are pancakes, served with maple syrup, cherry sauce or even Greek yogurt!

5. Mexico

© Rimma_Bondarenko/iStock/Getty Images Plus There are several options to choose from, including fresh fruits or coffee with "pan dulce" (sweet bread) or "atole de arroz" (rice pudding). One of the more popular, though, is "huevos rancheros," (pictured) which has fried eggs on top of light-fried tortilla and dressed with a tomato-chili sauce and fresh vegetables.

6. France

© Food and Drink/REX/Shutterstock When it comes to breakfasts, the French like to keep it simple and elegant. A cup of strong coffee with a buttery croissant or scone is the dish of choice for most Parisians.

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7. Australia

© Bernhard Richter/Getty Images Although there are several breakfast options available in food-friendly Australia, the traditional one is a simple one - Vegemite (a popular dark brown food paste) spread across sandwiches and toast.

8. Philippines

© Kristine Danos/EyeEm/Getty Images A traditional Filipino breakfast includes rice and "longsilog" (tiny sausages), combined with eggs and sauces.

9. Thailand

© Peerajit/Getty Images In Thailand, breakfast is not very different from dinner - it includes rice congee mixed with meat or rice gruel with pork, dried shrimp, dried squid and shiitake mushrooms.

10. Ghana

© Juana Arias /For the Washington Post Ghanaians eat rice-based dishes as part of their breakfast. These dishes include waakye rice and black-eyed peas and jollof rice and spinach in a tomato-based stew (L).

11. Myanmar

© Tibor Bognar/Corbis A popular breakfast option in Myanmar is a fish soup called "mohinga," which is also regarded as the national dish! It is a noodle-based soup with mashed fish as the base.

12. Iran

© Alexander Newman/Getty Images Traditional Iranian breakfasts consist of flat breads, butter, cheese and honey-sweetened fresh cream, as well as fruit jams and spreads. The meal may also feature "halim," a thick porridge-like dish of meat topped with melted butter or cinnamon. The vegetarian / vegan in you needn't fear - you could try "adasi" - a lentil soup with lemon juice.

13. Morocco

© Gary Conner/Getty Images Moroccan breakfasts are usually simple affairs - there are different kinds of breads, spreads, olive oil and cheese. It may also include pancakes like "baghir" (made from semolina) and "rghaif," which are eaten with a honey-butter mix or apricot or strawberry jam.

14. Poland

© Bartosz Luczak/iStock/Getty Images Plus Called "jajecznica," this popular Polish breakfast dish consists of scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Polish breakfasts can also include helpings of cold cuts like "kielbasa," which is a type of sausage made with pork, beef, turkey, chicken, lamb or veal, and served with fried onions.

15. Japan

© artparadigm/Getty Images A traditional Japanese breakfast usually includes steamed rice and miso soup with some fish and an assortment of side dishes like "tsukemono" (Japanese pickles), "nori" (dried seasoned seaweed) and "natto" (fermented soybeans).

16. Portugal

© seb_ra/iStock/Getty Images Plus Portuguese breakfasts are simple affairs - they prefer to wait till lunch (or brunch, if you're hungry) before indulging in some delicious food! To start the day, most people usually just have coffee and some buttered toast. That may be changing in the modern world though, with more people eating global breakfast staples like cereal, yogurt and fruit.

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17. Italy

© DannyEos/iStock/Getty Images Plus An Italian breakfast ("colazione") usually consists of a caffe latte (coffee with milk) and a variety of bread rolls, with butter and jam; a hard biscuit-like bread called "fette biscottate" may also be served. Other options include pastries such as cornetto, crostata, donuts or viennoiserie.

18. India

© subodhsathe/iStock/Getty Images Plus Given the vast cultural and culinary differences between various regions in India, there really isn't a typical breakfast dish. However, a popular option across the country is "aloo paratha" - a flatbread (usually made from wheat) with a lightly-spiced potato filling, which is usually served with curd and/or pickles.

19. Hawaii

© IslandLeigh/iStock/Getty Images Plus Hawaiian breakfast options can include French toasts and bacon and pineapple bakes, among others. A classic dish, though, is "loco moco" - a hamburger patty and fried egg on top of a bed of white rice.

20. Russia

© Olha Afanasieva/Getty Images A traditional Russian breakfast usually includes a dish called "kasha" - which is a kind of porridge made from buckwheat and garnished with mushrooms. Other breakfast options include "syrniki" (cottage cheese dumplings) and "kolbasa" (sausage) sandwich, all washed down with tea.

21. Spain

© Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images Breakfast in Spain (called "el desayuno") can vary from something as simple as a cafe con leche (strong coffee with an equal quantity of milk) and a pastry like a croissant, to the ever-popular "churro." Other popular dishes are "ensaimadas" (sweet bread), "torrijas" (bread pudding topped with cinnamon or honey) and the delicious "pan con tomate" (garlic bread with a tomato spread, pictured).

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