Discarded mattresses turned into street art

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Lor-K is a French artist who turned old and discarded mattresses found on the streets of Paris, France, into works of art. Each of her creations look like mouthwatering plates of food, ranging from pizza to waffles and more. After slicing and spray-painting the worn-out items, she reassembled them across the French capital to jazz up the city pavements. Take a look at some of her interesting creations from her 2016 project.

© Lor-K/Shutterstock  Lor-K insists she doesn't think about what the mattresses must have endured in their earlier life. "I do not pay attention to that stuff. However dirty, I love when waste reflects the life of a city. I don't find it dirty, our waste is a simple reflection of our lives," she says.

© Lor-K/Shutterstock "Depending on the location and the inspiration I get from it, I then decide what meal I'm going to cook," she says. "I prepare my recipe on location."

© Lor-K/Shutterstock "As with all my projects, my main goal is to attract the attention of passersby on the waste littering the sidewalks of our cities," she adds. "I wish to highlight their potential."

© Lor-K/Shutterstock The artist turned her attention to mattresses since they were easily found on streets, where "the stigmatism of their past life, of their spots and stains" made them nothing but undesirable junk.

© Lor-K/Shutterstock "Creating food with what we waste, in the end it's a metaphor about our own cycle of consumption," she said. "It's a way to sensitize people about wastefulness."

© Lor-K/Shutterstock "I'm always observing the streets, and I constantly photograph every abandoned object I find," she said. "When I feel creative, I jump on my scooter and go searching the streets for the perfect spot. The objects and the location are equally important."

© Lor-K/Shutterstock Through her original style, these sculptures transform scrap into art and give them a new identity.

© Lor-K/Shutterstock Just as the original owners leave behind their objects, so does Lor-K: "I abandon every sculpture I make, I only keep the memories."

© Lor-K/Shutterstock She does, however, retain photographs, prototypes, videos, manipulable sculptures or writings to re-transcribe the process of creation.

© Lor-K/Shutterstock In 2018, Lor-K published a limited edition book titled "EAT ME" with the urban recipes that she prepared and exhibited successfully as part of this project.

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