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TfL Tube strike in June 2018: When is the Jubilee Line walkout? Dates, times and everything you need to know

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 13/06/2018 12:17:29 Alexandra Richards

Last-ditch talks are being held to avert a Tube strike which could cause chaos for tens of thousands of commuters on one of London's busiest underground lines.

TfL bosses are currently in talks with the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) and Aslef unions to stave off an impending Tube strike on the Jubilee line which could cause commuter chaos.

The 24-hour Tube strike is due to take place on Thursday causing disruption for thousands of commuters.

Speaking on Tuesday morning a TfL spokesman said the strike was due to go ahead.

He said: "As far as we are aware the strike will go ahead on Thursday, but we are currently in talks with the unions."

Here is everything you need to know:

When will the strike take place?

The walkout will begin on Thursday morning and continue all day. A TfL spokesman said some services on Friday could be delayed in the morning.

What Services will be affected?

The strike will affect the Jubilee line, however Bakerloo and Metropolitan line services in north-west London are expected to be extremely busy.

The walkout could shut down the entire Jubilee line service.

The rest of the Tube network including the District line, as well as TfL Rail, London Overground and DLR, will operate as normal.

What is the reason for the strike?

The walkout is over changes to the Jubilee line timetable made by TfL.

Originally two 24-hour tube strikes were organised by Aslef and RMT were planned to go ahead in June.

The first strike was due to take place on June 6 but it was called off after the unions agreed to suspend its industrial action for the time being following talks with TfL.

RMT and Aslef said that Thursday's strike on the Jubilee line will go ahead as planned.

Could it be resolved?

The strike is likely to go ahead if talks fail to resolve the timetable disputes.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: "RMT is bitterly disappointed that tube managers have knocked back an opport?unity to negotiate a settlement to this dispute in extensive talks that broke up on friday. They failed to put a single proposal forewards.

"It is outrageous that tube managers are trying to bulldoze through timetable changes without agreement that ride roughshod over existing rostering agreements. It is symptomatic of a management that is out of control and hell bent on imposing change through diktat rather than through the established negotiating machinery.

"Drivers are angry at the impact on work life balance and rightly see this move as the thin end of a very long wedge that could see processes and agreements unilaterally shredded by tube bosses.

"RMT remains available for further talks but the action starting this week goes ahead as planned and the massive disruption it will unleash is solely down to the intransigence of tube management."?

Nigel Holness, TfL's Director of Network Operations for London Underground, said: "We have adhered to our agreements and policies with the trade unions throughout this dispute. The action is completely unnecessary and will only cause disruption for customers, for which I apologise. The new Jubilee line timetable is already benefiting thousands of Londoners every day and I call on the unions to continue working with us to deliver a good service to our customers and to call off this unjustified strike action."

What measures have been put in place to minimise travel disruption?

Tfl Travel Ambassadors will be at key locations to provide additional travel information and advise those affected by the strike action.

Around 70 extra buses will be in operation to help customers complete their journeys.

TfL said Metropolitan line trains that usually terminate at Baker Street will continue north to terminate at Willesden Green instead.

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