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Virgin Trains avocado offer infuriates millennials

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 14/03/2018 13:51:30 Sophie Williams

A Virgin Trains avocado offer has infuriated millennials who accused the rail firm of patronising them.

From now until 20 March, Virgin Trains is offering those aged 26-30 a third off their journey as long as they present an avocado at the station.

The deal applies to the Virgin Trains West Coast line only and tickets have to be purchased at a station.

The company said it was a "light-hearted" way of helping people who missed out on on the new millennial railcards which went on sale on Tuesday.

Only 10,000 millennial railcards were available as part of a trial with demand so high that the website crashed.

Upon tweeting the offer, Virgin Trains were inundated with comments from frustrated young people.

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Tom Magness wrote: "Hilarious, why don't you lower the prices of your disgraceful rail fares rather than make fun of the people who have to pay them?"

While Charlie commented: "Is this some kind of weird making fun of millennials week?"

And Miranda Langford said: "Sure, being unable to afford something as basic as travelling to work due to low wages and the privatisation of public services is so hilarious. Absolutely vile, please delete this."

Other people seemed to see the funny side of the offer with some promising to take up Virgin Trains on the offer.

A spokesman for Virgin Trains told the Standard: "We want to help any of our customers who missed out on the millennial railcard - so we decided to offer them the same discounted fares in a light-hearted way."

The railcard offers those aged between 26 and 30 a third of most fares.

Despite the website issues, the card sold out by the end of the day. The National Railcards website apologised for the problems.

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