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Does Jarrod Woodgate propose on Bachelor in Paradise Australia?

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L-R: Ali, Florence and Lisa will be joining the gang. © Provided by Bauer Media Pty LtdL-R: Ali, Florence and Lisa will be joining the gang. It's the love child of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette - and thanks to Channel Ten sweet teasing, Bachelor in Paradise is going to be a sure fire hit.

We'd bet Osher Günsberg's magnificent mane on it!

Now, the network that's home to I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has dished yet another promo...

And we'd officially like to state that we're enticed!

a person taking a selfie: There will be tears... © Provided by Bauer Media Pty LtdThere will be tears...

There will be tears...

a man sitting in a box: AND A PROPOSAL! © Provided by Bauer Media Pty LtdAND A PROPOSAL!


It begins by casually dropping that not one, not two but three new women will be strutting their stuff to Mango Bay in Fiji (where the show is filmed).

Lisa Hyde (from Blake Garvey's season), Florence Moerenhout (from Matty Johnson's season) and Ali Oetjen (the runner-up from Tim Robards' season) will join magician/the Hulk's actual body double Apollo Jackson (Sophie Monk's season), Davey Lloyd and Michael Turnbull (Sam Frost's season), yoga-loving mean girl Keira Maguire (Richie's season), 'dirty street pie' Laurina Fleure (Blake's season), the loveable Tara Pavlovic (Matty J's season), and #plantgate Jarrod Woodgate (Sophie's runner-up).

But that's far from the most exciting detail - it ends with a very assured man asking "Will you marry me?"

The mysterious figure is blacked out but looking at the contenders only one man comes to mind.

Yes, we're looking right at your Jarrod Woodgate!

a man and a woman posing for a photo: Our money is on Jarrod popping the question. © Provided by Bauer Media Pty LtdOur money is on Jarrod popping the question. Even if you have been living under a rock, it's hard to miss the whirlwind romance between Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate.

In the trailer we see Keira weeping that she "just wants someone to love me for me".

Only for prince charming Jazza to enter the picture, remarking, "There was definitely a spark!"

a group of people riding on the back of a horse © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd And for those playing at home, who could forget those steamy beach snaps?

But it is so much more than attraction - pals are saying it is love.

"Keira's always wanted a husband and kids. That's the whole reason she signed up for the show," a pal dished to Woman's Day.

For her part, Keira says going on the show for a second chance at love was "the best thing I've ever done", while Jarrod has remained tight lipped - the pair have already been spotted meeting up several times since the show wrapped.

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