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Review: BMW R1200RS Sport SE

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 23/11/2017 10:55:00 David Williams

What's a rider to do after a day learning new techniques? Head to Brittany for four days of touring to put it all into practice.

The £14,065 BMW's R1200RS Sport SE couldn't be a better companion.

Impressively nimble for filtering in London traffic despite wide-looking twin cylinders, 1,200cc liquid-cooled engine and 236kgs, it's in its element on tours, providing power and comfort.

Kitted with BMW's expanding tank bag, streamlined panniers and top box, I headed for Portsmouth, enjoying a night on Brittany Ferries' Bretagne in my own cabin, docking at St Malo at dawn.

That extra i2i training has undoubtedly given me extra confidence and sharpened my skills - delivering a more enjoyable, swifter, safer ride.

The bodywork provides just the right level of wind and rain protection, heated grips did their thing when it cooled at night and the spacious, comfy seating position lets you ride all day - which is exactly what we did. It's the consummate all-rounder.


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