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One new Queensland COVID-19 case, club sport to gradually restart from June 13

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Queensland has one new COVID-19 case on Sunday and the latest patient in Cairns in the state's north, which has been a hotspot of community transmission with Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The state government has also confirmed sporting clubs can restart "small group training" from 11.59pm on June 12 - as part of Stage 2 of Queensland's easing novel coronavirus restrictions.

As outlined in the state's roadmap to easing restrictions, Stage 2 allows outdoor gatherings of up to 20 people, as well as non-contact indoor and outdoor community sport in line with these numbers.

Sports Minister Mick de Brenni unveiled a $51.3 million Return to Play package, which aimed to help sporting clubs reopen safely and encourage children to get involved in community sport.

The support package included $2000 grants available for every club to use to buy disinfectant and hand sanitiser to distribute to staff and participants during the resumption of training.

There was also a $150 Fair Play voucher, which was designed to help families cover the cost of sporting clubs' sign up fees and encourage children to get involved in community sport.

The third main feature was grants of $5000-20,000 to replace money lost due to a lack of recent fundraising, which has been significantly reduced by COVID-19 restrictions.

The $5000-$20,000 grants were only available to 3000 of the state's 7000 clubs via an application process and the money could be used for essential maintenance or infrastructure upgrades.

Mr de Brenni said the $51.3 million had been cobbled together by redirecting money from other state government sporting programs which had not been used during the pandemic.

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