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The basics Of plyometric training 

Men's Fitness
A PT explains what it is, the benefits and risks, and shares a five-move workout to make your gym routine more explosive - boom! No matter what your reasons for going to the gym are, it's worth adding plyometric training to your routine. This explosive style of training, which typically features a lot of jumping, is renowned for its ability to help athletes improve their performance - but it's also a great way to liven up your training and burn...... read more
16. tammikuuta 2019 18:00:45 Categories: Men's Fitness Nine News

Shoulder workout to strengthen joints without weights 

Men's Fitness
Use a pair of gymnastic rings to build bomb-proof shoulders and give yourself a real bodyweight strength challenge If you're like most of the population, your first look at gymnastics rings probably came via the Olympics, courtesy of improbably-muscled athletes doing moves that look like Batman's warm-up. But now, thanks to the popularity of CrossFit and calisthenics training, more and more gyms are dangling rings from the rafters (and...... read more
14. tammikuuta 2019 19:20:46 Categories: Men's Fitness Uusi Suomi

Masked knifemen storm child's party 

Indy 100
Three masked men armed with knives stormed into a children's birthday party and demanded drugs. Police believe the men, who stole a woman's phone while inside the house in Norwich, may have broken into the wrong address. The men are said to have forced their way into the property and threatened the residents, which included a number of young children. A manhunt was launched after police were called to the property in Hunter Road, Catton Grove,...... read more
12. tammikuuta 2019 19:50:00 Categories: Indy 100 Men's Fitness

Easter Island statues: researchers explain their location 

When it comes to Easter Island's towering stone heads, there's now one fewer mystery to solve.... read more
11. tammikuuta 2019 20:20:00 Categories: CNN Men's Fitness

What to do at the gym to get results 

Men's Fitness
To get bigger, stronger or leaner, stick to these ten rules from the best in the business ... read more

Six healthy breakfast ideas for workout days 

Men's Fitness
... read more
29. joulukuuta 2018 9:00:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo Men's Fitness

Tesco Launch the Ultimate New Years Eve night in guide- with all the food you need 

Manchester Evening News
Perfect buffet food for you to pick at while watching the rest of the Christmas movies... read more
28. joulukuuta 2018 17:48:36 Categories: Manchester Evening News Men's Fitness

17 things to do with that new Fitbit you got for Christmas 

Men's Fitness
If Saint Nick brought you a Fitbit Versa or Charge 3 this year, here's what you should do with it.... read more
28. joulukuuta 2018 4:05:00 Categories: Men's Fitness Vanity Fair

Babes in the Woods killer Russell Bishop jailed for 36 years for murder of two schoolgirls in 1986 

Evening Standard
The "evil monster" who molested and strangled two schoolgirls 32 years ago was handed an additional life term with a minimum of 36 years today for their murders. Russell Bishop was found guilty of the Babes in the Woods murders yesterday, bringing to an end two families' long fight for justice. Bishop was 20 years old when he sexually assaulted and strangled the girls in a woodland den in Brighton in October 1986. Handing him a life sentence on...... read more
11. joulukuuta 2018 18:43:00 Categories: Evening Standard Men's Fitness

Six healthy breakfast ideas for workout days 

Men's Fitness
You can't eat eggs every morning. Sub in these home-made concoctions that won't kill your gains Ever since William Kellogg invented cornflakes to curb a nation's libido (true, Wikipedia it), cereals have been hugely popular. Not because they're the best breakfast for building muscle, boosting brainpower or keeping you focused throughout the day - but because they're convenient and delicious. And while omelettes are fine, occasionally you'll...... read more
9. joulukuuta 2018 23:44:11 Categories: Men's Fitness RTBF info - regions - brabant-wallon

The best workout plan to transform your body 

Men's Fitness
This 28-day workout plan adds lean mass fast while stripping away fat - and it pays extra attention to your arms too If your number one health and fitness goal is to add lean muscle to your frame and transform how you look with your top off, then you've come to the right place. This workout plan is designed to help you get big by building muscular size across all your major muscle groups, while also chipping away at body fat stores, to enable...... read more
3. joulukuuta 2018 0:54:30 Categories: Men's Fitness Sky Sports

Three mindfulness exercises that take just ten seconds 

Men's Fitness
Think mindfulness isn't for you? Try these accessible alternatives from Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics author Dan Harris Walking Meditation Time 10 seconds or longer This is a meditation that focuses on the auditory aspect of walking. I do it all the time, because apparently I'm a weirdo! The next time you're walking anywhere - inside or out - notice sounds. Notice the rise and fall of voices or the distant hum of traffic. You are deliberately...... read more
2. joulukuuta 2018 16:42:31 Categories: Men's Fitness Read Sport

How to recognise stress drinking and what to do about it 

Men's Fitness
When you're under the cosh, turn to a friend rather than the bottle It's no secret that many men struggle to open up about problems, especially if it's to do with their mental health. Indeed, new research commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation for National Stress Awareness Day on 7th November found that less than a quarter of men (24%) suffering from stress had discussed it with a friend or family member. Worse still, the survey found that...... read more
7. marraskuuta 2018 16:42:19 Categories: Associated Press Men's Fitness

Sandbag exercises to build strength 

Men's Fitness
Seek out the sandbags in your gym and work on your functional fitness Sandbags come in a variety of weights but they all contain material that shifts around when you move the bag, which means that your body has to constantly readjust as the load shifts around. "The sand in the bag moves around, which gives an anti-rotation component to your training because your core has to work harder to stabilise the load," says Charles Allan-Price from W10...... read more
5. marraskuuta 2018 16:35:01 Categories: AFP Men's Fitness

Trump says he will respond to 'some' of Mueller's questions 

The Hill
President Trump during an interview on Monday said he will "probably" respond to "some" questions for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia. ... read more
30. lokakuuta 2018 8:30:00 Categories: Men's Fitness The Hill

Winter cycling tips for commuters 

Men's Fitness
Tweak your route and layer up to stop the winter weather ruining your ride If the clocks going back usually marks the moment you pack your bike away until spring, you are not alone - very few of us get excited at the prospect of cycling in the cold and dark. However, with a few manageable changes to your cycling routine you can ride right through the frosty season without being unduly uncomfortable. For advice on how to keep cycling through...... read more
26. lokakuuta 2018 22:06:09 Categories: Men's Fitness Reuters

A no-hassle pumpkin soup recipe for National Pumpkin Day 

Men's Fitness
Pick up a couple of extra pumpkins this weekend and put this tasty soup on while you carve your Halloween masterpiece Do you think you've carved more pumpkins than you've eaten? That would be a crying shame, for while a jack-o'-lantern is a lot of fun to make and display at Halloween, the pumpkin is a hugely underrated vegetable that merits more space to shine at mealtimes. If you have been underdoing your pumpkin intake, start to remedy the...... read more
26. lokakuuta 2018 14:55:53 Categories: Men's Fitness RTBF info - monde

The fat-loss diet rules ultimate performance PTs teach 

Men's Fitness
Follow the simple nutrition tips that world-leading PT company Ultimate Performance gives its clients to start stripping body fat fast "There's a very clear trifecta to losing fat mass and gaining muscle mass for body composition success," says Ultimate Performance founder Nick Mitchell. "One, the right exercise regime; two, optimal stress management; and three, the correct diet. Far and away the most challenging of these factors to get right is...... read more
25. lokakuuta 2018 20:22:27 Categories: Associated Press Men's Fitness

Warning after dogs eat potentially deadly mushrooms in Midland park 

Birmingham Mail
Shep and Sweep chomped down on the poisonous fungi at Highgate Common in South Staffordshire... read more
22. lokakuuta 2018 15:54:07 Categories: Birmingham Mail Men's Fitness

How to maintain your willpower during Sober October 

Men's Fitness
And what to do next if you do succumb to temptation and have a drink If you're currently in the middle of an attempt to avoid alcohol throughout the month of October, then all power to you. Taking a month off the booze is a great way to reassess your relationship with alcohol, and also to show off the benefits of cutting back to both your health and your wallet. However, let's not pretend that it's going to be an easy ride. By the middle of the...... read more
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