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Ashton-under-Lyne crash: Man fighting for life after being hit by own car as it was being stolen 

Evening Standard
A 63-year-old man is fighting for life in hospital after suffering serious head injuries when he was hit by his own car as it was being stolen in Greater Manchester. Police were called at around 7.20pm on Friday to reports of a serious collision in Nook Lane, in Ashton-under-Lyne, where the victim was found with serious head injuries. He was rushed to hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Police said the victim saw his red Citroen...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 14:31:21 Categories: Evening Standard Manchester Evening News

Brexit news latest: David Gauke asked five times if he'll resign over no deal before admitting he will not support 'irresponsible policy' 

Evening Standard
Justice Secretary David Gauke today said "I won't support an irresponsible policy" after being asked if he will resign over a no-deal Brexit five times during a live interview. The Cabinet minister was being interviewed on Sky News when he was asked if he would quit his position if Theresa May allows the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal on March 29. Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon asked "If we do leave with no deal, which is a very real...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 14:25:00 Categories: Evening Standard Liverpool Echo

Illegal 'killer car seats' sold online for £8 

Evening Standard
Child car seats which are illegal to use in the UK are still available to buy online for as little as £8, a watchdog has warned. The seats, made of fabric, offer "almost no protection" in the event of a car crash and are still available on sites such as eBay, Amazon and AliExpress, Which? found. The consumer group said the seats clearly lacked the support needed to protect babies and toddlers despite being described in listings as suitable for...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 14:01:16 Categories: Evening Standard L'Express

Lady Falkender, Harold Wilson's former right-hand woman, dies aged 86 

Evening Standard
Harold Wilson's former right-hand woman Baroness Falkender has died. Lady Falkender, formerly Marcia Williams, was the personal and political secretary to the Labour prime minister during his premiership in the 1960s and 1970s. She is believed died of pneumonia on February 6, aged 86. One of the most powerful women in politics at the time, she came to prominence after Wilson's sudden resignation in 1976. Lord Lipsey, who also worked as a...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 13:53:00 Categories: BFM Business Evening Standard

Paul Manafort, ex-Trump campaign chair, could spend more than two decades in prison, prosecutors say 

Evening Standard
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort could spend nearly two decades in prison on tax and bank fraud charges, prosecutors have said. The potential sentence stems from his conviction last year on eight counts related to an elaborate scheme to conceal from tax authorities the millions of dollars he earned overseas from Ukrainian political consulting. Court documents filed by special counsel Robert Mueller's office reveal that Manafort faces...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 13:35:00 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF sport - cyclisme - tourdefrance

Aurora shooting: Gunman who killed five at factory was 'disgruntled employee' being fired from his job 

Evening Standard
An employee of 15 years who was being fired from a suburban Chicago manufacturing company killed five co-workers and wounded five police officers, authorities have said. Gary Martin shot at officers as soon as they entered the Henry Pratt company building in Aurora, 40 miles west of Chicago. Police chief Kristen Ziman said that Martin, 45, was also killed. Ms Ziman said that in addition to the five employees killed at around 1.30pm local time on...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 13:17:00 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF tendance - cuisine

If you have a desk job, this workout you've never heard is probably one of the best you can do 

Evening Standard
If London's fitness scene has been been all about high-intensity workouts and hardcore spin classes the last few years, then 2019 is predicted to have more of a focus on mindfulness movement and LIIT (low intensity interval training), as gym-goers become more aware of the importance of stretching and lengthening muscles while also strengthening them. The word Gyrotonic, or "gyro" as it's known, probably doesn't mean much to you, but if you like...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 13:10:04 Categories: Evening Standard TT Nyhetsbyrån

Electronic tags to track criminals in UK for 24 hours a day 

Evening Standard
Thousands of criminals in the UK will be tagged with GPS trackers which will allow the authorities to trace their location 24 hours a day, the Justice Secretary has announced. Electronic tags are currently linked to a box at a fixed address, for example the offender's home, and alerts are set off if they are not there during certain hours. Justice secretary David Gauke said the new scheme was designed to protect victims and drive down the use of...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 12:58:00 Categories: Evening Standard

Family of Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess tell of their anger at Government and say they want justice 

Evening Standard
The parents of the woman who died in the Wiltshire Novichok poisonings have said they want justice from the Government and blame them for putting former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. Stan and Caroline Sturgess, whose daughter Dawn died in the months after the nerve agent attack on Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia, spoke of unanswered questions about the case and said they were seeking "justice". The Russian state is alleged to have poisoned...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 12:36:00 Categories: Evening Standard Sport24

Police search for couple missing after their car was found empty following crash 

Evening Standard
Police are searching for a couple who are missing after their car was found empty following a crash. Donna Smith, 27, and her partner Matthew Hughes, 25, were reported missing by relatives and were last seen getting into their car at their home in West Drayton at around 5.30pm. Police received reports that their blue Vauxhall had been involved in a crash with a parked car in the Ruislip area on Saturday, although they were not in the car when...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 12:29:51 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF info - dossier - brexit-or-not-brexit

'David and Goliath' as art promoter and developer row over Shoreditch wall 

Evening Standard
An iconic art wall in the heart of Shoreditch is at the centre of a row between a property developer and an art promoter. Peter Mackeonis, CEO of Shoreditch Art Wall, has set out to raise £10,000 to take American real-estate developer Cain International to court for damages. Mr Mackeonis claims he lost £75,000 that would have been put into the arts community after the developer abruptly terminated a three-year agreement after 15 months. After...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 11:53:30 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF culture - bande-dessinee

Kings Road wedding venue that has hosted celebrity nuptials from Judy Garland to Hugh Grant set to reopen after year-long renovation 

Evening Standard
A prestigious London wedding venue that has staged celebrity nuptials from Judy Garland to Notting Hill star Hugh Grant is set to reopen on the famous Kings Road after a year-long renovation project. The stunning late Victorian building has been lovingly restored to its original glory, which has long stood as a backdrop for A-list weddings. Vintage pictures have shown stars tying the knot at the neo-classical Grade II listed building, situated...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 11:38:36 Categories: Evening Standard Metro

BabelColour brings iconic historical photos to life with colour 

Evening Standard
Stuart Humphryes brings iconic historical images to life with colour. Also known by his online name BabelColour, he has digitally colourised protraits of the likes of Charles Dickens and William Hartnell, as Doctor Who. His fascination with the capital's colourful history stems from researching his own family members, who have been based in London for at least 250 years. "My great-great-great-great-grandfather William Humphryes [was] a picture...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 10:54:24 Categories: Bloomberg Evening Standard

Jogger on his fight with mountain lion 

Evening Standard
A jogger who fought and killed a mountain lion that attacked him while he was on a run has described his battle with the big cat. ... read more

Vogue Brazil fashion director resigns after 'slave colony' themed birthday party 

Evening Standard
The fashion director of Vogue Brazil has resigned after she was accused of racism because her birthday party appeared to resemble depictions of colonial slavery. Pictures taken at Donata Meirelles' 50th birthday show her sat on a throne, surrounded by black women in white dresses, at a party in Bahia, the state with the biggest black population. Ms Meirelles later posted a now-deleted apology before reposting Vogue Brazil's statement and saying...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 2:32:57 Categories: Evening Standard Manchester Evening News

MI6 boss: Runaway IS teen 'potentially very dangerous' 

Evening Standard
MI6 boss Alex Younger today warned that Britons returning from Islamic State were "potentially very dangerous" and stressed public safety must be the first consideration. ... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 2:15:00 Categories: Evening Standard Manchester Evening News

Exeter deaths: Man, 27, charged with murder of three elderly men 

Evening Standard
A 27-year-old man has been charged with the murders of three elderly men in Exeter. Alexander Lewis-Ranwell, from Braunton, has been charged with the murder of Anthony Payne, aged 80, who was found dead on Monday. He is also charged with the murders of 84-year-old twin brothers Richard and Roger Carter, whose bodies were found on Tuesday. Post-mortems found all three men died of "sustained serious head injuries". Lewis-Ranwell has also been...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 1:18:36

Mesut Ozil hints he won't be forced out of Arsenal with cryptic tweet 

Evening Standard
Mesut Ozil has hinted he will not be forced out of Arsenal with a cryptic social media post featuring a quote from club legend Dennis Bergkamp.... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 1:13:00

Aurora shooting: police and civilians shot as gunman enters Illinois steel mill 

Evening Standard
At least four police officers and multiple civilians have been shot at a steel mill in Aurora, Illinois. Police arrested a gunman after the shooting at the Henry Pratt Company. Schools in the area were on lockdown during the attack, which took place around 3pm local time. The culprit is believed to be an employee of the company, according to survivors. There would have been around 30 people in the building at the time of the shooting. ALERT:...... read more
16. helmikuuta 2019 1:02:00

ISIS bride's family call for government to help bring her home 

Evening Standard
The family of IS bride Shamima Begum have called for the government to help bring her home. Ms Begum's family said they are 'shocked' by the comments she made in a bombshell interview with the Times where she pleaded to be allowed to return to the UK to give birth on the NHS. Ms Begum's family have pleaded for the 19-year-old, who is heavily pregnant, to be shown mercy and to be allowed to return to her family in east London. Begum, now aged 19,...... read more
15. helmikuuta 2019 23:51:00
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