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Two cops charged after video catches sergeant slapping a handcuffed teen 

Miami Herald
Feb. 26--The home surveillance video was jarring: A Miami-Dade police sergeant suddenly slapping a handcuffed teenager in the face as he is about to be led away to a patrol car. Prosecutors have now charged the sergeant - and another officer who is suspected of trying to destroy the video surveillance system that captured the slap. Miami-Dade Sgt. Manuel Regueirowas charged Tuesday with ...... read more
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The future of travel tech 

Miami Herald
MIAMI - Imagine a travel search engine so smart it can find you a hotel based on your kids' favorite activities. Or an app that finds you a better hotel rate just by reading your receipt. Or a bot that answers personalized travel questions, like where your departure gate is located. Travelers will soon find all these features online - and in some cases, already can - as attendees of the second ...... read more
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US and China sketch outlines of deal to end trade war 

<p>The United States and China have started to outline commitments in principle on the stickiest issues in their trade dispute, marking the most significant progress yet toward ending a seven-month trade war, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.</p>... read more
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No matter how this season ends, Wade is going out a winner 

Miami Herald
Feb. 20-- Feb. 20--Steph Curry, after the Miami Heat's recent game at Golden State, suggested Dwyane Wade does not look like a player about to retire, saying, "It seems like he 's got a lot more in the tank." It was all compliment. And he may have been right, too. But on this, the Warriors' three-point sniper missed the point. Wade wanted to go out on his terms, not on empty, and that has been ...... read more
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Trump looks to send food aid to Haiti amid humanitarian crisis 

Miami Herald
WASHINGTON _ The Trump administration is working on a plan to provide a humanitarian aid package to Haiti, where water, medicine and food are becoming increasingly scarce after nine days of consecutive protests, the Miami Herald and McClatchy Washington Bureau have learned.... read more
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Police: Undocumented immigrant targeted in kidnapping, robbery 

Miami Herald
A man told cops that a couple kidnapped him at gunpoint Saturday night, robbed him while keeping him tied to a chair in a Davie, Fla., mobile home park and then released him.&nbsp;... read more
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Two South Florida doctors charged with doling out painkillers at 'pill mills' 

Miami Herald
A pair of South Florida doctors have been charged with filling out thousands of unlawful painkiller prescriptions at two Hialeah clinics that federal authorities say were "pill mills" that accepted only cash.&nbsp;... read more
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Giant cross on the beach? Mystery of its origin may have been solved 

Miami Herald
MIAMI - A heavenly visitor descended on the sands of Fort Lauderdale's Ocean Manor Beach Resort - with a little help from man. A 20-foot wooden cross, encrusted with barnacles and other signs of sea life, washed ashore in waters lapping the resort and was carried onto the property sands by tourists. Four days later, people were still speculating on the origins of the religious symbol. On ...... read more
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US: Guantanamo still an option for ISIS captives in Syria who can't go home 

Miami Herald
Holding Islamic State suspects at Guantanamo is still a viable option, Trump administration officials say on the heels of a U.S. appeal to other nations to take home their nationals who are among 700 suspected foreign fighters held by a U.S. ally militia in Syria.... read more
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Illegal workers paid off 'immigration officer' -- but he wasn't legit 

Miami Herald
Feb. 06--His name was "Val" and he was a Miami immigration officer, of some sort. He flashed a badge, spoke with authority and seemed to know people at the local departments of motor vehicles offices.&nbsp;... read more
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South Florida family wins court battle to drill for oil in Everglades 

Miami Herald
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - After nearly four years of legal battles, a Miami family that made its fortune in real estate will now be able to drill an exploratory oil well in the Everglades, just west of the Broward County suburbs. A Tallahassee appeals court reversed a decision by the state's Department of Environmental Protection on Tuesday, ultimately granting Kanter Real Estate the authority to ...... read more
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From Carnegie Hall to teacher of the year, this educator rocks 

Miami Herald
Oliver Diez thought his teaching career peaked when his fourth- and fifth-grade students were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in March as the only elementary school band on the bill. Actually, he was just getting started.... read more
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On-scene officers at Silk-Miller shooting 'asked to omit crucial evidence' 

The Age
The Independent Broad-based anti-Corruption Commission is examining the conduct of police investigating the murders and whether statements of the officers first on scene were doctored.... read more
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Woman accuses pirate of groping her at Florida parade 

Miami Herald
For Rina Alvarez, the Gasparilla Pirate Festival probably won't ever be the same.... read more
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Canada reduces staff in Cuba after diplomat suffers 'unusual health symptoms' 

Miami Herald
The government of Canada announced on Wednesday that it will pull back half of its embassy staff in Havana after confirming that another Canadian diplomat is suffering from "unusual health symptoms." "Following the last confirmed case of unusual health symptoms in November 2018, a number of Canadian diplomatic staff posted to Havana underwent additional medical testing. These tests confirm ...... read more
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Fire rips through Princess Cruises resort in the Bahamas 

Miami Herald
The private Bahamian resort Princess Cays, owned by Princess Cruises, a subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Corporation, went up in flames Monday night, Bahamas Press reported. The port at the...... read more
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Shark attacks down worldwide, 'nosedive' in Florida, researchers say 

Miami Herald
Looks like it's safe to get back in the water. Shark attacks, still rare despite movie plot lines and one fatal attack this year off Cape Cod, declined dramatically worldwide in 2018 and plummeted by nearly half in Florida waters, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History's International Shark Attack File, an annual report released Monday morning.&nbsp;... read more
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Fla. sheriff, ousted over Parkland, creates legal fund to fight removal 

Miami Herald
MIAMI - The suspended Broward County sheriff, Scott Israel, has formed a legal defense fund to challenge the recently elected governor's decision to oust him. His lawyer said it should be the prerogative of the voters to choose the Broward County sheriff, not the state's governor. Two days before Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Israel's suspension, the Scott Israel Defense Fund was formally ...... read more
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