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US allows Hauwei trading for 90 days 

U.S. grants Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers - Ross... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 17:52:11 Categories: Huffington Post UK Reuters

How America's top snipers take the fight to the air 

Business Insider Australia
Shooting from a moving vehicle is no easy task, and that is especially true for helicopters. To fire precisely from a helicopter, aerial snipers have to battle the aircraft's vibrations, determine wind speed and direction when the wind is whirling all around them, and take into consideration a dozen other things before taking the shot.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 6:40:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia Huffington Post UK

Root: Archer has made a massive impact and shaken up the series 

Sporting News
After England and Australia drew at Lord's, Joe Root said Jofra Archer's introduction has added a different dynamic to the Ashes.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 4:49:43 Categories: Huffington Post UK Sporting News

White nationalist arrested for threatening US Jewish centre 

The Washington Post
In searching James Patrick Reardon's family home, they seized a cache of weaponry, including knives, two assault rifles and a large amount of ammunition, as well as a gas mask and bulletproof armor.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 4:36:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK The Washington Post

All Blacks get free tickets to Fleetwood Mac show 

The Kiwis' chance encounter with Fleetwood Mac was one to write home about.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 13:21:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK Newshub

Snowboarder 'lucky to be alive' after being buried in an avalanche 

ABC News
A snowboarder says he is lucky to be alive after being buried in an avalanche in the New South Wales snowfields, just days after receiving avalanche training.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 10:37:01 Categories: ABC News Huffington Post UK

This is how often Americans actually change their underwear 

Best Life
A recent survey of 2,000 Americans revealed how often people are really changing their underwear-it turns out, 42 percent are rewearing the same pair.... read more
16. elokuuta 2019 21:11:41 Categories: Best Life Huffington Post UK

Sealed records on Dayton gunman pit safety against privacy 

Associated Press
Disturbing behavior that the Dayton gunman reportedly exhibited in his youth may be detailed in law enforcement and school files so far off limits to the public, records that could shed light on whether authorities properly handled early warning signs. ... read more
16. elokuuta 2019 17:25:33 Categories: Associated Press Huffington Post UK

How to decorate your home based on your star sign 

Daily Mail
UK-based The French Bedroom Company explained how each star sign has specific personality traits that make certain interior design trends more suitable than others.... read more
16. elokuuta 2019 8:33:00 Categories: Daily Mail Huffington Post UK

Trump insults protester for 'serious weight problem' 

The Daily Beast
... read more
16. elokuuta 2019 6:45:25 Categories: Huffington Post UK The Daily Beast

Man dead for 20 minutes shares experience of being brought back to life 

Doctors said it was "a miracle" that Michael Pruitt, 20, survived after he was without a pulse for 20 minutes after being electrocuted.... read more
15. elokuuta 2019 17:56:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK TODAY

Twitter's latest test makes following tweetstorms easier 

The Verge
Twitter's now testing notifications for replies on Android and iOS... read more
13. elokuuta 2019 16:30:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK The Verge

Titans NRL struggles a mystery to Proctor 

Gold Coast captain Kevin Proctor can't put his finger on why the Titans' NRL form hasn't improved since the departure of coach Garth Brennan.... read more
13. elokuuta 2019 11:00:00 Categories: AAP Huffington Post UK

Why singer, AGT host Coulter is just like any of us 

Daily Mail
She rose to fame after finishing in seventh place on Australia Idol in 2004.... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 21:37:00 Categories: Daily Mail Huffington Post UK

On board the warships ready to strike Iran 

Sky News
Fast jets, spy planes and helicopters fly scores of sorties every day from a US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea, positioned within striking distance of Iran.... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 9:48:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK Sky News

Taylor Swift receives first-ever Icon award at 2019 Teen Choice Awards 

The 'ME!' singer is the first to receive this honor.... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 9:30:00 Categories: ETOnline Huffington Post UK

'Single-minded twit!' Rivals blast golfer for two-minute putt in slow play row 

Daily Mail
Koepka sought out DeChambeau on the putting green before the start of the final round on Sunday, while Englishman Eddie Pepperell characteristically took no prisoners.... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 3:30:24 Categories: Daily Mail Huffington Post UK

Dragons' Den review: Sara Davies breathes new life into a static format 

The i
She brought no-nonsense briskness to the table, but also upbeat encouragement, and the cut and thrust of the deals was still compelling... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 2:00:40 Categories: Huffington Post UK The i

Meghan fights scammers using her name to sell diet pills 

EXCLUSIVE: Buckingham Palace has vowed to fight back against online ads using the Duchess of Sussex's image to sell dangerous diet pills... read more
11. elokuuta 2019 3:51:55 Categories: Huffington Post UK Mirror

Costner on why Meghan Markle can't return to acting 

The "Bodyguard" star told a British TV show that he's "on Harry's side" and that "he seems like a great guy."... read more
10. elokuuta 2019 13:30:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK INSIDER
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