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Camaro vs. Mustang: Why a Camaro guy appreciates the GT500 Mustang 

Even a Camaro guy can appreciate-and even be seen driving-the newest 2020 GT500 Mustang!... read more
13. tammikuuta 2020 23:38:59 Categories: HOT ROD Logotyp för Feber

Mid-'70s Chevy muscle machines discovered in a junkyard 

An junkyard yields a pair of red Chevy muscle cars from 1975. One El Camino SS with an oddball center console, an inaugural-edition Monza by Chevy mini V-8.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2020 20:15:06 Categories: Birmingham Mail HOT ROD

Rare Find! Restored 1970 Plymouth Superbird with 80,000 miles up for sale 

Russo & Steele is auctioning this rare 1970 Plymouth Superbird that's Winged Warrior-registered!... read more
8. tammikuuta 2020 21:31:05 Categories: HOT ROD RTBF sport - basket - dossier - nba

Moonshine runners, history, and their cars: Looking back at Junior Johnson 

Junior Johnson, who recently passed away, and the North Carolina moonshine runners are American hot rod legends, but who were they and what did they drive?... read more
7. tammikuuta 2020 21:00:24 Categories: HOT ROD Mirror

Original Bullitt 1968 Mustang GT up for sale at Mecum Auctions Kissimmee 

The Kiernan family has decided to sell its original 1968 Mustang GT from the movie Bullitt via the Mecum Auctions Kissimmee (FL)-what will it go for??... read more
3. tammikuuta 2020 23:11:16 Categories: HOT ROD Manchester Evening News

Supercharged 500 hp Coyote V-8 rests beneath 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan 

Tom and Donna Agostino had taken a great looking albeit damaged Hot Rod and made it better in every way.... read more
3. tammikuuta 2020 22:04:49 Categories: AAP HOT ROD

Internet treasure: 1933 Chevy Roadster found online 

Greg Meyer found his 1933 Chevy on the internet and drove it home!... read more
1. tammikuuta 2020 20:00:24 Categories: Europe 1 HOT ROD

Final-year 1974 'Cuda sports a homegrown 6.1L Hemi 

Dan Mangold's homebuilt 1974 Barracuda was the last of its kind and sports a 6.1L Hemi powertrain swap with an A500 overdrive from a Dodge Dakota.... read more
30. joulukuuta 2019 22:19:12 Categories: HOT ROD Ilta Sanoma Viihde

Win a 1,000+hp 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody 

The Dream Giveaway 1,000+HP supercharged 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody hits low-10s with "Big Daddy" Don Garlits behind the wheel!... read more
27. joulukuuta 2019 22:32:57 Categories: HOT ROD NESN

Mopar fan resurrects trio after years in storage 

Mopar fan resurrects a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi, 1969 Road Runner 6-BBL, and 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda after years in storage.... read more
23. joulukuuta 2019 21:00:13 Categories: HOT ROD RTBF info - regions

This Mexico-only 1984 Ford Mustang is a rare find 

We find a super-rare "bubble-back" (Burbuja) Mustang, built only in Mexico, in a Ford new-car dealership near Mexico City.... read more
20. joulukuuta 2019 21:00:14 Categories: HOT ROD Liverpool Echo

1969 Dodge Charger with a Viper V-10 engine swap and twin turbos 

Dave Trevisan looked at his 1969 Dodge Charger and thought, I actually want to put some miles on this thing. Good idea, with its Viper V-10 engine swap and twin turbos.... read more
20. joulukuuta 2019 20:57:50 Categories: HOT ROD

This 733 hp 1970 Monte Carlo roars with a 502 crate engine 

This 1970 Monte Carlo makes well over 700 horsepower and runs 9.39/144 on a 175-shot in the quarter-mile.... read more
19. joulukuuta 2019 17:00:33 Categories: Bloomberg HOT ROD

1,500+ classic Chevy trucks invade the desert 

1,500+ classic Chevy trucks invade the desert at Dino's Git Down, and HOT ROD was there to photograph all the action!... read more
13. joulukuuta 2019 20:00:16 Categories: HOT ROD

Missing Mustangs: Where's Bunkie Knudsen's old Boss? 

Chronicling the history of Bunkie Knudsen's personal Boss 429.... read more
3. joulukuuta 2019 5:06:22 Categories: HOT ROD MTV

Retro Camaro reminds us why Pro Street rocked the '80s 

... read more
30. marraskuuta 2019 2:29:21 Categories: FOX News HOT ROD

The least expensive way to get LS power in your car 

We take a look at the least expensive way to get LS power into your classic car.... read more
27. marraskuuta 2019 2:35:40 Categories: HOT ROD USA TODAY

Slamfest has been housing cool custom classics for almost three decades 

For a great weekend of fun, put Slamfest on your list.... read more
26. marraskuuta 2019 23:28:27 Categories: Business Insider Australia HOT ROD

Thor 24, the twin engine Peterbilt, sells at auction for $12 million! 

Thor24, the twin-engine Peterbilt tractor sells at the Riyadh Auction and Salon for a record $12 Million!... read more
26. marraskuuta 2019 4:33:10 Categories: HOT ROD Sydney Morning Herald
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