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Stern: Trump needs to go 'into psychotherapy' 

Howard Stern: Trump Needs to Go 'Into Psychotherapy'... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 22:45:14 Categories: People The Washington Post

New Star Wars movie based on the 'Knights of the Old Republic' is being written 

Star Wars Movie Based on Knights of the Old Republic Being Written... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 22:24:34 Categories: People USA TODAY

How Tamron Hall's exit from NBC changed her life 

How Tamron Hall's Emotional Exit From NBC Changed Her Life... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 20:05:50 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Ilta Sanoma - Ulkomaat Ilta Sanoma - Uutiset People

Texas Tornadoes, Oklahoma Flooding: Images Show Twisters in Panhandle 

Storm and flood warnings remain in place after days of deadly weather in the Plains and Midwest.... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 19:00:00 Categories: Newsweek People

Israel on high alert after wildfires destroy 40 homes 

Israel remained on high alert on Friday after wildfires fed by tinder dry conditions destroyed around 40 homes. In 2016, wildfires damaged or destroyed around 700 homes in Israel and the occupied West Bank, and sent more than 13,000 hectares (32,000 acres) of woodland up in smoke.... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 18:57:00 Categories: AFP People

'Take that to the bank' Aston Villa legend delivers emphatic Derby play-off final prediction 

Birmingham Mail
AVFC face Derby County in Monday's Championship play-off final... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 18:04:48 Categories: Birmingham Mail People

Video clip saves Perth man from wrongful conviction
Jordan Clarke, 24, spent almost a year in jail after being charged over a fatal punch-up outside an Ellenbrook pub in 2017.... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 17:50:00 Categories: People

Paris Hilton on spending time with Kim Kardashian again 

Paris Hilton Says 'It's Been Nice' Spending Time with Kim Kardashian Again... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 17:00:00 Categories: Associated Press People

Wendy Williams and son step out after he was arrested 

Wendy Williams and Son Step Out in Washington D.C. After His Arrest... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 10:00:00 Categories: People Tilt

Baby Archie has 'gender-neutral' flower named after him 

Archie Harrison Has Yellow Flower Named After Him... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 1:52:24 Categories: People RTBF culture - cinema

17-year-old killed in crash after prom - and her friend is charged 

<p>Hours after attending their junior prom, four New Jersey high school students were involved in a horrific car crash that killed one instantly and injured the others. On Tuesday, police arrested the teen driver for his alleged role in the fatal May 11 accident.</p>... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 1:25:00 Categories: ABC News People

Husband, wife killed in Mo. tornado: Home 'is completely demolished' 

Tornado Kills Three In Rural Southwestern Missouri Town... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 1:00:00 Categories: ABC News People

Margot Robbie recreates Sharon Tate's Cannes look at this year's fest 

Margot Robbie Recreated Sharon Tate's 1968 Cannes Hairstyle... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 23:40:28 Categories: Manchester Evening News People

Stallone kept the two turtles from 'Rocky' and they're now 44: pic 

Sylvester Stallone Kept the Two Turtles from Rocky... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 23:31:55 Categories: People The Independent

Jonah Hill calls sister Beanie Feldstein his hero 

Jonah Hill Calls His Sister Beanie Feldstein His Hero... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 20:11:37 Categories: CNBC People

Sri Lanka Was One of the World's Hottest Destinations. Now It's Eerily Empty. 

The Daily Beast
Having landed a few minutes earlier here at Colombo's international airport, our jam-packed flight from the Maldives is disembarking its crammed cabin, passengers marching down the arrival ramp under the watchful eyes of camouflaged police, standing easy in flak jackets, but hands firmly fixed on their automatic weapons. It's all very calm, straightforward, businesslike. Everyone knowing what they're doing-where they're headed. In a moment,...... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 15:21:47 Categories: People The Daily Beast

Duncan Smith calls for May's cabinet to quit if Brexit bill published 

The Guardian
Former Tory leader says it would not be right to 'assist her in this charade any longer'... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 15:20:01 Categories: People The Guardian

School transport firm ATG gets more cash and more time 

Birmingham Mail
It transports around 2,000 children a day in Birmingham... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 14:00:03 Categories: Birmingham Mail People

Our Town review: Tribute to the power of community is poignant but short on energy 

Evening Standard
Thornton Wilder's 1938 play was shaped by his experience observing the rise of fascism in Europe. It's a tribute to the power of community, introducing us to Grover's Corners, a small town in New Hampshire that seems idyllic yet is clouded by sadness. The key figure is the Stage Manager, a commentator on the routines of every day existence who's prone to doling out homespun wisdom. Laura Rogers brings an air of measured mischief to the role: as...... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 13:45:00 Categories: Evening Standard People

Brad Pitt says he hopes to work with Leonardo DiCaprio again 

Brad Pitt Says He Hopes to Work with Leonardo DiCaprio Again: 'It Was Great Fun'... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 12:00:00 Categories: NBC News People
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