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Best Buy should be dead, but it's thriving in the age of Amazon 

<p>The big-box retailer doesn't just want to sell you electronics. It wants its in-home consultants to be "personal chief technology officers."</p>... read more
21. heinäkuuta 2018 18:00:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Currency war erupts as Trump accuses China, EU of manipulation 

The currency war has arrived.... read more
21. heinäkuuta 2018 1:30:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Homeowners are lingering longer, and the wait is paying off 

Homeowners in the U.S. are holding on to their houses longer than they have in at least 18 years, and when they do sell, they're reaping gains that haven't been seen since before the housing crisis.... read more
21. heinäkuuta 2018 1:20:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Congress will leave Trump's deal with China's ZTE untouched 

U.S. lawmakers agree to a key Chinese demand in the broader trade dispute between the two largest economies, three sources familiar with the matter said.... read more
21. heinäkuuta 2018 0:58:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Toyota might halt some imports under Trump's tariffs 

Toyota Motor Corp. may stop importing some models into the U.S. if President Donald Trump raises vehicle tariffs, while other cars and trucks in showrooms will get more expensive, according to the automaker's North American chief.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 23:30:00 Categories: Bloomberg

The Secret Rooms Hotels Don't Tell You About 

Hoteliers keep them unlisted so that only the real VIPs can get in.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 23:07:12 Categories: Bloomberg

Thieves jump on cobalt craze with $10 million warehouse heist 

It's not just hedge funds that have noticed the cobalt boom -- thieves have too.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 17:18:11 Categories: Bloomberg

Buffett got richer even after donating $3.4 billion 

Warren Buffett just can't stop making money, even in a week where he gave $3.4 billion to charity.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 15:06:00 Categories: Bloomberg

American Arrested in Vietnam Protest Faces Seven Years in Jail 

U.S. citizen William Nguyen will today appear in a Vietnamese court charged with causing public disorder during protests in Ho Chi Minh City, after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked the country's leaders to quickly resolve his case.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 10:30:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Here's the Evidence Mueller Will Show to Paul Manafort Jurors 

On the eve of Paul Manafort's tax and bank fraud trial, U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller says he has pictures.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 4:47:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Some trade war winners are finding ways to lose 

These should be jubilant times across the sprawling savanna of southeastern Brazil. Soybean is king here. And with the China-U.S. trade war pushing Chinese buyers to frantically search the globe for alternatives to American soy, Brazil is the most logical first stop.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 4:22:19 Categories: Bloomberg

China sits on the world's biggest shale gas prize... if it can reach it 

China's reserves are deeper and harder to reach than those in North America.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 3:00:16 Categories: Bloomberg

Trump administration proposes revamping Endangered Species Act 

A decades-old law credited with saving from extinction the American bald eagle, the iconic bird of prey whose image graces the presidential seal, would be reworked under a proposal the Trump administration announced Thursday.... read more
20. heinäkuuta 2018 1:00:00 Categories: Bloomberg

America's top aluminum maker is getting hit by US tariffs 

U.S. aluminum tariffs that were meant to protect the industry from foreign competitors are instead taking a bite out of the earnings of the nation's largest producer.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 22:00:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Use of food stamps remains at recession-era levels 

Judging by the number of Americans on food stamps, it doesn't feel like one of the best job markets in almost a half century and the second-longest economic expansion on record.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 21:30:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Airbus-Boeing order flurry extends battle deep into air show 

The contest for supremacy at the year's biggest aviation expo extended into a fourth day as Airbus SE and Boeing Co. traded blows with a rush of deals worth $32 billion at list prices.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 20:00:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Greenwich home sellers get realistic. Median price: $1.85 million 

Some good news for home-sellers in Greenwich: Deals are up, and so are prices.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 19:00:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Why the best investment vehicle is one you can drink 

Once an exotic market, parking your assets inside bottles of expensive wine can yield tremendous profits.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 17:49:26 Categories: Bloomberg

An $11 billion debt pile just came crashing down in China 

China this month recorded one of its biggest corporate-debt defaults yet, with the downfall of a coal miner that had ridden the country's wave of credit until policy makers changed the game with their deleveraging campaign.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 8:52:00 Categories: Bloomberg

FBI Chief Dismisses Putin Offer, Defends Mueller, Says Russia Meddled 

FBI Director Christopher Wray made clear that U.S. law enforcement doesn't support a proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to have American investigators go to Russia to observe interviews of suspects wanted by the U.S.... read more
19. heinäkuuta 2018 7:27:00 Categories: Bloomberg
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