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Ten arrested over Whorlton Hall care home 'abuse' 

The Independent
Police have arrested ten workers as part of investigation into alleged abuse of patients by staff at a privately run, NHS-funded hospital for people with learning disabilities and autism. ... read more
24. toukokuuta 2019 18:43:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna The Independent

HBO boss on GoT finale backlash 

HBO just wrapped its epic series Game of Thrones on Sunday with a finale that broke the premium network's ratings records and divided fans over how the eighth and final season played out. ... read more
22. toukokuuta 2019 19:10:00 Categories: Deadline Stoppa Pressarna

Healthy again, Cubs' Bryant rediscovers MVP form 

Sports Illustrated
<p>Welcome to the latest installment of 3 Up, 3 Down, our weekly gauge of who's streaking and who's slumping throughout Major League Baseball. Our latest edition includes notes on Kris Bryant's blazing hot streak, Gio Urshela shining in the Bronx and Mickey Callaway's slumping job security.</p>... read more
21. toukokuuta 2019 18:00:26 Categories: Sports Illustrated Stoppa Pressarna

Nearly 90 per cent of Solihull schools contain asbestos - revealed 

Birmingham Mail
The hazardous material is thought to be in the vast majority of council sites... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 21:38:10 Categories: Birmingham Mail Stoppa Pressarna

A-League champion calls for finals to be scrapped 

Sydney Morning Herald
With his final post-game interview, Alex Brosque called for the A-League finals to be scrapped in favour of a "fairer" first past the post system.... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 19:42:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna Sydney Morning Herald

'Overawed by Jack' Aston Villa fans deliver their verdict on improving loan star 

Birmingham Mail
AVFC hoping for a big Wembley performance from this man... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 15:10:12 Categories: Birmingham Mail Stoppa Pressarna

This is how much your MP is claiming in expenses 

Manchester Evening News
Ten years after the expenses scandal, we looked at the latest figures... read more
19. toukokuuta 2019 15:44:59 Categories: Manchester Evening News Stoppa Pressarna

Police investigate suspicious death of man near Launceston 

ABC News
Tasmanian police are investigating the death of 29-year-old Timothy Matthew Gardiner, found with a gunshot wound in a unit complex near Launceston today.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2019 14:11:10 Categories: ABC News Stoppa Pressarna

4.4 magnitude earthquake rattles parts of northern Oklahoma 

Associated Press
No injuries have been reported following a 4.4 magnitude earthquake in northern Oklahoma. The U.S. Geological Survey says the temblor was recorded shortly before 3:30 p.m. Friday about 9 miles south-southeast of Medford, about 82 miles north of Oklahoma City. The earthquake was recorded at a depth of about 3 miles.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2019 6:40:00 Categories: Associated Press Stoppa Pressarna

Analysis: Alabama abortion ban has a clear target - Roe v. Wade 

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) approved a near-total abortion ban on Wednesdayaimed at the United States Supreme Court and designed to overturn Roe v. Wade,the landmark 1973 decision establishing a woman's right to an abortion underthe U.S. Constitution.Roe v. Wade makes it clear that women have a right to abortion guaranteed bythe 14th Amendment, but the Alabama measure almost universally prohibitsabortions. Doctors who perform an abortion are to be...... read more
16. toukokuuta 2019 4:48:00 Categories: HuffPost Stoppa Pressarna

Clooney and her mum steal the show at Catch 22 premiere 

The family was all smiles at they posed for pics at the show's premiere in London.... read more
16. toukokuuta 2019 3:29:54 Categories: ETOnline Stoppa Pressarna

Alabama senator on abortion vote: 'I feel like crying' 

The Hill
<p>A Democratic Alabama lawmaker called it a sad day for the state after the state Senate approved legislation outlawing abortion, including in cases of rape and incest.</p>... read more
15. toukokuuta 2019 20:25:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna The Hill

Teen car thief admits 'rush' is addictive
One young man who can't be identified said he knew jail would ruin his life but he was addicted to the thrill.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2019 16:41:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna

Beyonce to make money from Uber 

We all know Beyoncé is brilliant, but this move she made in 2015 may be the absolute ultimate in future planning. Four years ago, Beyoncé was offered $6 (£4.65) million to perform for a corporate Uber event in Las Vegas. Instead of cold hard cash, Queen Bey asked for payment in equity - and now that $6 million has turned into as much as $300 (£232.4) million. That is A LOT of money. In case you missed it, Uber went public on the New York Stock...... read more
15. toukokuuta 2019 16:03:53 Categories: Refinery29 Stoppa Pressarna

What it's like dating when you're living with a parent 

Sydney Morning Herald
Mum and I are both transitioning from living on our own, and for me that includes losing the ability to date when and where I please.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna Sydney Morning Herald

Once again, police suspect a caretaker hid a crime with claim of missing child 

In three recent cases, a caretaker claimed a child vanished. But in each case, the search for the suspect turns right back to the caretaker.... read more
14. toukokuuta 2019 16:41:00 Categories: CNN Stoppa Pressarna

Before purge, DHS officials challenged plan for family arrests 

The Washington Post
Kirstjen Nielsen and Ronald Vitiello were ousted after halting an operation that would have targeted thousands of families in 10 cities for arrest and deportation... read more
14. toukokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna The Washington Post

Judo fighter disqualified after mobile phone fell from pocket 

Daily Mail
Anri Egutidze of Portugal admitted that he'd forgotten to remove his phone in the changing rooms before his Baku Grand Slam match against Swedish rival Robin Packs.... read more
13. toukokuuta 2019 17:09:36 Categories: Daily Mail Stoppa Pressarna

How these kids ended up in a famous photo shoot and beat cancer 

The Washington Post
The photos touched a nerve as people who did not know them became concerned for their health, and in awe of their strength and beauty.... read more
13. toukokuuta 2019 9:00:00 Categories: Stoppa Pressarna The Washington Post
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