Backstreet Boys abandon show due to storm 

Cover Media
The Backstreet Boys were forced to abandon a show at Pennsylvania's Hersheypark Stadium on Sunday due to a huge storm. ... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 19:34:00 Categories: Cover Media MTV

Iran talks tough amid fears US will recapture tanker 

Sky News
An Iranian oil tanker detained off Gibraltar last month left the British territory and was headed through the Mediterranean towards Greece on Monday.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 18:23:00 Categories: MTV Sky News

Gator raid: Huge alligator climbs over fence at Florida navy base 

The flexible apex predator was spotted at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville on August 17. "When you see water, assume an alligator could be in it," officials from the base warned.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 17:50:35 Categories: MTV Newsweek

Ingles' role in revolutionary stadium upgrade 

Wide World of Sports
NBA star Joe Ingles and wife, Netball star Renae, have partnered with Marvel Stadium to launch its sensory room.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 16:43:00 Categories: MTV Wide World of Sports

MDMA 'safe' treatment for alcoholism, study suggests 

The Guardian
Researchers say drug is safe and appears more effective than conventional treatments... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 16:19:18 Categories: MTV The Guardian

George Pell and the meaning of 'reasonable doubt' 

George Pell's verdict will stand or fall this week on the question of reasonable doubt. But what exactly does that mean in this case?... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 15:58:23 Categories: Crikey MTV

Ryan Seacrest enjoys romantic reunion in Italy with former flame 

Daily Mail
Ryan Seacrest, 44, and Shayna Taylor, 27, continued to put on a loved-up display as they cosied up during an al fresco lunch on their Italian getaway.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 15:41:16 Categories: Daily Mail MTV

Opinion: Top CEOs are reclaiming legitimacy by advancing a vision of what's good for America 

The Washington Post
By disavowing shareholder primacy and embracing a broader vision of corporate purpose, a group of top chief executives has now enhanced political legitimacy.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 15:00:45 Categories: MTV The Washington Post

Costa Rica: Tainted alcohol death toll up to 25; 59 affected overall 

The number of victims poisoned by tainted liquor in Costa Rica has risen to 25 but none were American tourists, says the country's Ministry of Health.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 11:20:00 Categories: MTV USA TODAY

Comic writer told to withdraw anti-Trump comments 

Gizmodo Australia
Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of Maus Art Spiegelman was slated to write the introduction to a new Marvel collection, Marvel The Golden Age 1939-1949, but pulled his work after Marvel wanted him to remove a disparaging reference to Donald Trump.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 9:13:00 Categories: Gizmodo Australia MTV

Morrison says middle Australia has lost faith in public sector 

The Guardian
Scott Morrison to map out overhaul of public service while Josh Frydenberg will promise banking changes before end of year... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 6:00:00 Categories: MTV The Guardian

AFL's penultimate round wasn't pretty, but it had a bit of everything 

ABC Grandstand
If the AFL finals can match the quality and intensity of the penultimate round of the season it should be enough to keep all the fans happy, writes Richard Hinds.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 4:00:00 Categories: ABC Grandstand MTV

Mark Sanford may primary Trump in 2020 

Mark Sanford isn't a fan of President Donald Trump for 2020.... read more
19. elokuuta 2019 0:09:00 Categories: CNN MTV

Yang: Universal basic income will free Americans to 'work even harder' 

The Hill
Entrepreneur and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang touted his proposal to provide a universal basic income (UBI) on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday, saying it would result in economic stimulus.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 22:04:00 Categories: MTV The Hill

How 2020 Democrats stack up against history 

NBC News
One 2020 candidate would break the historic birth order mold.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 21:46:00 Categories: MTV NBC News

What to watch for when Boomers take on USA 

Brisbane Times
Warm-up games for the FIBA World Cup shape as pivotal for both teams with players looking to secure key roles and coaches aiming to settle tactics and line-ups.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 19:25:00 Categories: Brisbane Times MTV

'An eye for an eye': Hong Kong protesters defy threats from China 

The Washington Post
This is now the 11th week of protests here in Hong Kong, which are reaching what demonstrators believe to be a tipping point amid an intensifying crackdown.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 18:35:00 Categories: MTV The Washington Post

Bolden withdraws from Aussie Boomers' FIBA WC squad 

Sporting News
The Boomers will be without Philadelphia 76ers big man Jonah Bolden for the upcoming World Cup after he withdrew from the squad, citing personal reasons.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 18:09:00 Categories: MTV Sporting News

Accused killer posted cryptic rants on Facebook 

Daily Mail
The alleged shooter, 23, who's name is suppressed, faced New Zealand's Hamilton District Court on Saturday charged with the 33-year-old's murder.... read more
18. elokuuta 2019 14:46:00
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