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Pontins holiday park: eighteen injured as ceiling collapses at Somerset building 

Evening Standard
Several people were injured after a roof partially collapsed at a holiday park in Somerset. Avon and Somerset Police were called to Brean Sands Holiday Park around 6.30pm on Wednesday after reports a ceiling had collapsed inside one of the buildings. "A number of people suffered minor injuries in the incident but thankfully no one was seriously hurt," a spokesman said. "A search of the scene has been carried out and we can confirm no one was...... read more
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Fortnite Live festival: Epic Games sues organisers over 'scam' Norwich event 

Evening Standard
The creators of Fortnite have launched legal proceedings against the organisers of a "scam" Fortnite Live event which was compared to Fyre Festival. Exciting Events ran the event, which was slammed by parents whose children were forced to queue for hours to use "overpriced" and "underwhelming" attractions. The event firm immediately ceased trading on Tuesday after Epic Games confirmed they had "issued a claim" in the High Court. In an email to...... read more
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Acupuncture eases the troublesome menopause symptoms 

Prima (UK)
It's been linked to reducing hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, insomnia, skin and hair problems... read more
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New ferry launches at Cammell Laird - now yard bosses want to build Mersey Ferries 

Liverpool Echo
£10m Red Kestrel will serve Isle of Wight... read more
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Former policeman fined for sharing arrested woman's intimate photos 

Daily Mail
Sydney policeman Steven Albee admitted to uploading photos of the woman's genitals to a Facebook chat group shared with four colleagues in 2017.... read more
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Report: Air Force to press Congress to give service members tenant bill of rights 

The Hill
The Air Force will reportedly prod Congress to pass a tenant bill of rights for military service members so they have more agency in breaking lease agreements or withholding rent in unsafe or hazardous living situations. ...... read more
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Finally! This is why paper cuts hurt so much 

Reader's Digest
Paper is harmless...until it's not.... read more
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Man assaulted as police 'seal off The Woodpecker pub car park' after fight 

Birmingham Mail
Officers called on medics to attend the scene opposite Turves Green Girls' School in Northfield... read more
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Should we bother with marriage or is it an outdated institution? 

Yahoo! Style UK
It's the culmination to many a fairytale, romantic book or film. But is marriage really the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to relationships or an outdated institution? ... read more
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How to see lemurs in the wild and help save them from extinction 

Evening Standard
"You awwwww-riiiiiiiight?" The Cockney-esque wail of the indri lemur rings through the trees. It's a hauntingly beautiful sound. Fellow indri respond, their cries echoing through the rainforest. They sound all right to us. You can't always see them - but you sure can hear them. At the risk of neckache, you look high up for a glimpse. And when you do, it's borderline magical. When a lemur makes eye contact, you see how extraordinary they are:...... read more
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Country star Miranda Lambert reveals secret marriage 

Associated Press
Country star Miranda Lambert celebrated Valentine's Day weekend with the announcement that she secretly got married. ... read more
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Miners arrested at 'lawless' rescue site 

BBC News
More than 60 are held as Liberian authorities seek to restore order at a mine where dozens are trapped.... read more
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Bangladesh slum fire kills at least eight 

Bangladesh slum fire kills at least eight... read more
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Lindsey Graham says Trump has to 'do it on his own' to build the wall 

CBS News
President Trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall on Friday... read more
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Former Giants assistant general manager Donohue dead at 75 

Giants Wire
Former New York Giants assistant general manager, Richard "Rick" Donohue, has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 75.... read more
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Judge critical of PG&E's wildfire role demands more answers 

Associated Press
A US judge who has berated Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for its role in wildfires in California is demanding more answers from the utility. In a court filing Thursday, Judge William Alsup asked PG&E if it was in compliance with a state law requiring it to clear vegetation around electric lines that could cause fires. Alsup also said it appears under the company's wildfire plan that PG&E would take more than 10 years to clear potentially dangerous vegetation in some areas.... read more
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Burglary gang steal guns and 'large amount of jewellery' in raid on Hale's 'millionaire row' 

Manchester Evening News
'It is a very attractive road and people who have a lot of money live on it'... read more
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Odds, prediction, sleepers, drivers to watch for Daytona 500 

Sporting News
NASCAR's first Cup Series race of the 2019 season has arrived. Here's a full guide to betting on the Daytona 500, including updated race odds and predictions.... read more
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School massacre 1 year later: A time to remember the victims 

Associated Press
The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre a year ago renewed the national debate on guns and school safety, turned some victims' parents and surviving students into political activists and at least temporarily ended the local sheriff's career.... read more
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Late Real winner as Ajax left to rue VAR decision 

Asensio nets late Real winner as Ajax left to rue VAR decision... read more
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