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100K tulips bound for San Francisco - and they're free for the picking 

SF Gate
San Francisco will get a pop of color and a taste of Dutch culture next week with the deposit of 100,000 tulips in Union Square. ... read more
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Atmospheric river poised to slam Bay Area Tuesday: Here's what you need to know 

SF Gate
A fierce winter storm packed with subtropical moisture is moving through Northern California Monday morning and forecast to arrive in the central Bay Area Monday afternoon and stick around until Wednesday. The so-called atmospheric river is expected to deliver the biggest soaking to the North Bay, and before sunrise drops were already falling in Napa and Sonoma counties. The Santa Cruz mountains could also receive a drenching. "The main question...... read more
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California's weird winter means wildflower season will be a big surprise 

SF Gate
California has seen a weird mix of weather in recent months: snowfall on beaches and across desert landscapes, heavy rain flooding rivers and triggering mudslides, and blizzard conditions in the Sierra piling snow above rooftops. With spring on the horizon, wildflower enthusiasts are now wondering what sort of floral display Mother Nature will deliver. The experts are in agreement: This year's bloom is likely to offer surprises. "It's a...... read more
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When will the icy, arctic wind stop taunting 'weak' Californians? 

SF Gate
"When is this crazy icy wind going to end?" asks a San Jose Reddit user. Bone-chilling temperatures and blustery conditions have gripped the Bay Area (and actually all of California) for at least two weeks. Stepping outside lately can make you feel as if you've been hit by an arctic blast - at least that's what it feels like for Californians who basked in 75 degrees last February "Usually at this time, I'm wearing summer dresses," shares one...... read more
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Lyft passenger taken for terrifying 120-mph ride in a Dodge Charger SRT 

SF Gate
Would you be concerned if your rideshare driver showed up in a Dodge Charger SRT? ... read more
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Hayward carjacking leads to five-car crash on I-880 

SF Gate
An armed carjacking led to a pursuit by police before the suspect eventually crashed into a number of other cars on Interstate 880 on Wednesday night and was arrested, according to the Hayward Police Department. ... read more

Las Vegas strip dusted in snow: 'It happened!' 

SF Gate
"IT HAPPENED!" the National Weather Service office in Las Vegas tweeted when the first flakes of snow were reported at the famous gambling city's McCarran Airport Sunday night. Social media soon exploded with photos and videos of snow on the famed Strip. Snow falls periodically in the Las Vegas Valley, but it's unusual for it to be as widespread as it was over the weekend. Higher elevation areas on the western and southern edges of the Las Vegas...... read more
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Multiple-vehicle crash near Donner Pass creates traffic nightmare 

SF Gate
A multiple-vehicle crash near Donner Pass on Saturday morning stopped eastbound traffic on I-80 heading towards Truckee. At 11:04 a.m., Caltrans tweeted that "traffic is at a standstill" due to an accident that blocked multiple lanes. Caltrans said an hour later that the vehicles have been removed from the road, but people should still expect major delays. RELATED: Things are getting so bad on Highway 50, CHP is pleading with people to stop...... read more
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Alaska Airlines' flight makes emergency landing in San Jose due to weather 

SF Gate
A flight bound for San Francisco from Orange County made an unplanned stop in San Jose on Friday afternoon due to weather. The flight, Horizon flight 2798 - a regional affiliate of Alaska Airlines - landed at San Jose Mineta International Airport at 12:47 p.m., according to SJC spokesperson Rosemary Barnes. She adds that the pilot was able to get the plane to a gate "under its own power." RELATED: Lightning, thunder, hail and sunshine combine...... read more
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Atmospheric river wipes drought off the map in Bay Area 

SF Gate
What a difference an atmospheric river makes. The superstorm with a vapor plume pulling moisture from the South Pacific drenched the Bay Area with rain this week, giving the region a bump in rainfall and literally wiping drought off the map (that is, for now). The federal government's U.S. Drought Monitor map is one measurement for drought that's mainly used in agriculture, and the latest iteration released Feb. 12 shows the San Francisco Bay...... read more
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Hurricane-force wind gust blasts US mountain range 

SF Gate
The storm that hit the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Wednesday was so powerful, a 164-mph gust was recorded on a ridge near Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. ... read more
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Hurricane-force 164-mph wind gust blasts Sierra Nevada Mountains 

SF Gate
The storm that hit the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Wednesday was so powerful, a 164-mph gust was recorded on a ridge near Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. To put this wind speed in perspective, 140-mph winds have been known to pick up and hurl baseball-sized rocks. If a 164-mph wind was sustained, it would be considered a category 5 catastrophic hurricane. "Even in winds of 120 mph, you can't stand under your own force," said Tom Padham, a...... read more
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New satellite captures enormity of Bay Area atmospheric river 

SF Gate
NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, could have hardly picked a more opportune time for its new weather satellite to go operational. The biggest winter storm of the season was bearing down on the Pacific coast. The satellite, GOES-17, is NOAA's primary geostationary satellite for detecting and monitoring Pacific storm systems, fog, wildfires and other weather phenomena that affect the western United States, Alaska, and...... read more
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Cat officially removed from SF fire facility. She has no permanent home 

SF Gate
A former employee at a San Francisco fire station is speaking out after the station was forced to say goodbye to their beloved pet cat Edna on Monday after a complaint was filed about the cat's presence at the station. Despite launching a social media campaign in the hopes of keeping Edna, employees at Station 49 on Evans Avenue in Bayshore said goodbye to Edna in a series of Instagram posts. "Leaving Sta49," an Instagram post from the account...... read more
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Forecast puts all but one San Francisco Bay Area county under flood watch 

SF Gate
When a river of tropical moisture stretching to the Hawaiian Islands collides with a cold front from the Gulf of Alaska Tuesday, the system will barrel into California delivering a heavy dose of rain and lashing winds that could knock down trees and power lines and trigger flooding and landslides. Carrying tropical moisture, the storm will send temperatures rising. The so-called atmospheric river is expected to arrive in the Bay Area Tuesday...... read more
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Fire station told to get rid of their cat. But they want her to stay. 

SF Gate
Firefighters and staff at a San Francisco fire station are trying everything they can to keep their pet cat, Edna, after management has apparently asked them to get rid of the feline. Employees at Station 49 on Evans Avenue in Bayshore said in an email to SFGATE that an anonymous complaint was lodged with the city over the presence of Edna. They were told to "get rid of the cat" last week, according to the email, and were given a Monday deadline...... read more
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'Duck Dynasty' star: My health care 'given to me by God' 

SF Gate
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is no fan of Senator Kamala Harris' priority to plan a universal Medicare policy in the United States. Harris said that she "strongly" believes in a "Medicare for all" policy and that "access to health care should not be thought of as a privilege." ... read more
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Number of fatal victims in Calif.'s Camp Fire revised to 85 

SF Gate
Butte County officials this week revised the number of people killed in the state's most deadly and destructive wildfire to 85 after determining that remains they had thought belonged to two victims were that of one. Officials also released the names of two more victims of the Camp Fire. ... read more
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Bay Area snow forecast to drop as low as 1,000 feet: More powder in the hills possible 

SF Gate
After a rare weather event earlier in the week sent Bay Area residents sledding down hillsides that rarely see snow, another round of snowfall is in the forecast for the region Sunday. ... read more
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Swaths of San Francisco will be underwater in 70 years, models suggest 

SF Gate
In 70 years, San Francisco as we know it could look drastically different. Gentrification, development and the other forces of urban change we fret about may be mere trifles compared to the drastic effects of climate change, including the rise of sea levels and erosion, scientists say. By 2100, rising sea levels could displace more than 480,000 people along the California coast and result in property losses upwards of $100 billion if no...... read more
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