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How an Aussie construction worker wound up on US TV 

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Aussie star Adam Demos is set to star in UnReal's third season.... read more
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'I was still nice to her - why, I don't know' 

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Married At First Sight's Ryan has opened up about the aftermath of Davina's controversial relationship with Dean.... read more
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What Princess Di would think of Burrell on 'I'm A Celeb' 

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He was Princess Diana's right-hand man for 11 years and former Royal butler Paul Burrell believes the late Princess Of Wales would be overjoyed at his stint on I'm A Celebrity.Get Me Out Of Here!.... read more
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'Real Housewifes' Janet drank to cope with hidden torment 

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"I was drinking too much" - the Real Housewives Of Melbourne star admits to 'self-medicating'.... read more
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'Neighbours' character from the '80s set to return 

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Annie Jones who played Jane Harris on Neighbours in the '80s has opened up about the scary side of fame.... read more
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Is MKR's Henry the next Bachelor? 

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<p>My Kitchen Rules' hunky truffle farmer Henry is open to another reality TV stint should the opportunity arise.</p>... read more
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Asher Keddie joins new TV drama 

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<p>With the future of Offspring still up in the air, it seems lead actress, Asher Keddie has set her sights elsewhere.</p>... read more
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'In my mind, I didn't cheat': Dean responds to scandal 

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Despite having secret meet-ups with Davina, getting cuddly with her and making promises about their future, Married At First Sight's Dean insists he didn't cheat on Tracey.... read more
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Logie Awards to introduce live voting 

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<p>The date has been set for this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards, the country's most prestigious television event.</p>... read more
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'MAFS' Davina says the backlash from her affair is 'scary' 

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Married At First Sight's controversial contestant Davina Rankin has opened up about the public reactions she's facing over her affair with Dean Wells.... read more
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'MAFS' Ryan says he 'felt like an idiot' after cheating scandal 

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Ryan Gallagher has opened up about how it has been to watch Davina Rankin and Dean Wells go behind his back on Married At First Sight.... read more
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Are the new Russian 'MKR' competitors actually that nasty? 

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New contestants and 'villians' Olga and Valeria are getting an unfair rap on My Kitchen Rules. But is it all for show?... read more
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MAFS' Sarah and Telv are moving in together 

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Married At First Sight darling Sarah and Telv have announced they are moving to Sydney together.... read more
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Run down of 'Neighbours' massive episode 

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We break down the five biggest moments from the movie-length episode of Neighbours.... read more
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Shock walkout! Which 'MAFS' groom quits the show for good? 

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One bride will be left heartbroken as her husband walks out on the experiment in an upcoming episode of Married At First Sight. But who could it be?... read more
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Who was the first team eliminated on 'MKR'? 

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Going up against Stella and Jazzey, Ash and Matty were eliminated in Monday night's sudden death cook-off on My Kitchen Rules.... read more
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'MKR' Matt and Aly: 'We're having a baby!' 

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My Kitchen Rules' contestant's have revealed they're expecting a baby and how they kept it a secret from producers.... read more
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'Living Room' star opens up on cancer treatment 

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'The Living Room' host Barry Du Bois has talked about his cancer treatment and progress with fellow host Amanda Keller.... read more
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Three ex-characters return to 'Neighbours' this week 

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Neighbours actors Andrew Bibby and Blair McDonough reprise their roles on the show in typical 90s fashion.... read more
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Why Alf Stewart has stayed on 'Home And Away' for 30 years 

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Home And Away star Ray Meagher has been with the show for 30 years. The actor reveals why he's stayed with the show and when he's looking at retiring.... read more
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