How to weight-train for your body type 

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The human body can be broken into three distinct body types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Everyone falls into one of these three categories. ... read more
18. maaliskuuta 2018 6:00:00 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

5 things you should know about avocados 

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Get the lowdown on the nutritional value of this popular fruit.... read more
2. elokuuta 2017 0:05:24 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

Am I a Mesomorph? 

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Ahh, to be a mesomorph. Comedian Jim Gaffigan famously quips, "The most annoying are those people in the gym that are exceptionally fit.... read more
17. kesäkuuta 2017 8:49:35 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

Three cans of seafood which are great for you 

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We know you dig sardines, that canned fish staple. ... read more
7. kesäkuuta 2017 7:01:17 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

The new do's and don'ts of recovery 

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 Plenty of mystery still remains about the science of recovery: why some methods are supposed to work but don't; why others feel like they work but have no scientific evidence to support them. ... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 8:34:14 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

What the World's Strongest Man eats in a day 

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Strongmen are known for their size and strength, and it's no surprise that their diets can also be extreme. ... read more
22. toukokuuta 2017 6:18:39 Categories: Muscle and Fitness

10 things you didn't know about carbs 

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<p>Eating carbs won't make you fat. Eating too many calories will.</p>... read more
28. huhtikuuta 2017 6:46:08 Categories: Muscle and Fitness
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