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NASA may have just caught a nearby star eating an entire planet 

Planetary systems aren't just born overnight. When stars form and begin pulling debris into their orbit, some of that material eventually clumps up into fledgling planets, and the gravity of those bodies pulls down...... read more
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Galaxy Note 9 image leak gives us the best look yet at Samsung's new flagship 

With just a few weeks to go until Samsung takes the stage in New York City to unveil the Galaxy Note 9, it looks like there might not be anything left to unveil. Just hours after the Samsung CEO himself was spotted using a Note 9 in public, leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass shared a new press image of the smartphone which gives us our clearest look yet at its design and features while simultaneously confirming countless rumors and reports.... read more
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NASA finds 'spiders' on Mars, but not the kind you're thinking 

<p>The search for evidence of past life on Mars is a long, complicated endeavor that NASA has devoted an incredible amount of time and money to. That investment may pay off one day soon, but in the <g class="gr_ gr_15 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="15" id="15">meantime</g> we'll have to settle for all the cool non-living sights Mars has to offer, like these "spiders" captured by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.</p>... read more
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Apple's MacBook updates are a much bigger deal than anyone imagined 

Last week, Apple very quietly rolled out a bunch of changes to its MacBook range.&nbsp;... read more
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The iPhone X's most controversial feature is coming to more devices 

The iPhone X has two signature features that also happen to be quite controversial, an all-screen design with a notch cut out of the display and a 3D depth-sensing front camera system that can securely identify users.... read more
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Astronomers may have spotted another volcano on Jupiter's moon 

Jupiter might be the largest, most eye-catching planet in our Solar System, but the planet itself isn't the only interesting thing in its neighborhood.... read more
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The good and bad news about MacBook Pro's new keyboard 

When Apple unveiled the 2018 MacBook Pro models last week, we learned that the new laptops come with a third-generation butterfly keyboard that's going to be a lot quieter than its predecessor.... read more
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SpaceX, Boeing are racing to put a man in space, they're both losing 

NASA would love to stop having to rely on Russia to send its astronauts into space, but realizing that dream means that someone needs to step up to the plate with a safe, reliable crew transportation system.... read more
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NASA wants to train James Webb Space Telescope on gas giants 

When NASA finally sends its mega-powerful James Webb Space Telescope it will be the end of a long and troubled road, but it will also be the beginning of an extremely exciting time for astronomers.&nbsp;... read more
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Apple insider says new iPads, Mac Mini and MacBook updates coming this fall 

There was great consternation and wailing in the tech world when Apple finished its June developer conference without revealing one single bit of new hardware.&nbsp;... read more
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Facebook is using Messenger and WhatsApp to spot fake news 

<p>WhatsApp in a blog post said it's launching a new feature that will starting labeling messages in the app that have been forwarded along to a user instead of composed fresh. "This extra context," the post notes, "will help make one-on-one and group chats easier to follow. It also helps you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it originally came from someone else."</p>... read more
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The iPhone X and iPhone SE are set to die this year 

All iPhone rumors out there say Apple will release three new iPhones this fall, all featuring the same design as the current iPhone X.&nbsp;... read more
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Intel hints it might still supply 5G modems for the iPhone 

Over the past few years, Apple has relied more heavily upon Intel as a supplier for LTE modems for the iPhone.... read more
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The iPhone won't get a triple-lens camera this year, but the next Samsung Galaxy might 

The Galaxy S10 will arrive in three flavors next year, a new report from Korea revealed, including a cheaper Galaxy S10 that will join the expected Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ models. All three phones will feature fingerprint sensors located under the display or on the sides, that report said. But that won't be the only signature feature...... read more
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Your phone might be spying on you and these researchers proved it 

It surely says something about the dark side of technology that as time goes on, many of us are increasingly likely to believe the worst of what's alleged about our devices.&nbsp;... read more
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NASA's Dawn spacecraft just got closer to dwarf planet Ceres than ever before, and here's what it looks like 

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is one that we don't hear from very often these days, mainly because it spent seven years on its way to dwarf planet Ceres and it's been (very) slowly getting closer to the object ever since it arrived in 2015.... read more
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Samsung's obsession with huge batteries might continue to the Galaxy X 

Samsung is widely expected to launch next year its most exciting Android phone yet, the Galaxy X, which is supposed to be the company first foldable phone. A report a few days ago said the Galaxy X design will...... read more
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More evidence of an iPad with Face ID arises in iOS 12 update 

At this point, we'd be more surprised if Apple didn't unveil an iPad with Face ID than if it did.&nbsp;... read more
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Secret settings will make your Android phone feel twice as fast 

Modern Android phones are so much faster and smoother than they used to be even a few short years ago. Of course, speed on a smartphone is just like battery life: you can never have enough. The latest-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has been combined with extra...... read more
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YouTube's picture-in-picture mode is now available on Android for free 

You know that cool feature that lets you watch videos while you're using other apps? It's called picture-in-picture (PiP), and YouTube is making it available to all Android users free of charge.&nbsp;... read more
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