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MKR makes ratings comeback 

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The winter olympics continue to get strong ratings... read more
16. helmikuuta 2018 7:34:07 Categories: Crikey logo

MKR ratings plummet to lowest in history 

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Ratings fell for everyone, but less for Seven, who won the night.... read more
15. helmikuuta 2018 7:02:31 Categories: Crikey logo

Olympics win gold for Channel Seven 

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The Winter Games won comfortably against a line of tawdry reality shows.... read more
14. helmikuuta 2018 7:33:09 Categories: Crikey logo

'Underbelly Files: Chopper' a fail for Channel Nine? 

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The big guns where brought out by Nine and Seven, and a close night ensued.... read more
13. helmikuuta 2018 7:18:26 Categories: Crikey logo

'A dangerous new era' after states clash 

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This is about much more than a downed jet.... read more
13. helmikuuta 2018 4:18:02 Categories: Crikey logo

Winter Olympics a win for Channel Seven 

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Channel Seven ended up winning what could well turn out to be the most competitive night of the year.... read more
12. helmikuuta 2018 7:18:04 Categories: Crikey logo

How the Seven Network is failing women's AFL 

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After a big ratings dip, AFLW coaches are being asked to overhaul the game. With huge crowds and massive interest in the game, is that really the only factor at play?... read more
9. helmikuuta 2018 6:47:26 Categories: Crikey logo

Can this 'MAFS' groom save Channel Nine? 

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Channel Seven will be hoping the Winter Games aren't a total wipeout.... read more
9. helmikuuta 2018 6:17:50 Categories: Crikey logo

T20 is a winner for Channel Nine 

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The T20 didn't quite knock it out of the park, but still got the win for channel Nine.... read more
8. helmikuuta 2018 6:32:55 Categories: Crikey logo

Was it ethical of the Telegraph to publish the story? 

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Opinion is divided on what was one of Canberra's biggest "open secrets".... read more
7. helmikuuta 2018 23:03:58 Categories: Crikey logo

Channel Nine in trouble? 

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Up against a field consisting of nothing much -- Married at First Sight aside -- Seven walked it home.... read more
7. helmikuuta 2018 7:17:55 Categories: Crikey logo

Is 'MKR' Australia's favourite show? 

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My Kitchen Rules ending up winning the night comfortably for channel Seven.... read more
6. helmikuuta 2018 7:02:45 Categories: Crikey logo

Could the end of cricket season spell trouble for channel ten? 

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Seven took the night but the end of the Big Bash and the big name reality shows had all the majors get strong figures.... read more
5. helmikuuta 2018 7:33:10 Categories: Crikey logo

Big Bash is coming to an end is 'a real blow for Ten' 

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The Big Bash is coming to an end, a real blow for Ten.... read more
2. helmikuuta 2018 6:40:40 Categories: Crikey logo

Sunrise tops Today in ratings showdown 

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The pattern of Seven winning a close night continues.... read more
1. helmikuuta 2018 6:55:59 Categories: Crikey logo

Is MAFS Australia's favourite show? 

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A close night for the commercials, nothing to write home about for the ABC... read more
31. tammikuuta 2018 7:11:06 Categories: Crikey logo

'Today' fails without Lisa 

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Nine and Seven brought back some big guns, and one notable exception apart, it was a close night.... read more
30. tammikuuta 2018 5:40:58 Categories: Crikey logo

Trump makes protectionism even dumber 

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Donald Trump's latest foray into protectionism will cost thousands of jobs in the name of helping some bankrupt foreign-owned companies.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2018 9:05:45 Categories: Crikey logo

Why is Tennis Australia receiving millions in grants? 

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The Australian Open makes hundreds of millions in revenue, so why has it received tens of millions in government grants?... read more
16. tammikuuta 2018 5:55:59 Categories: Crikey logo

The Word of the Year is 'what we deserve' 

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Following Macquarie Dictionary naming the 'Milkshake Duck' -- a term extremely "of the internet" -- as 2017's word of the year, Crikey speaks to its creator about reconciling with online silliness that has spilled into the real world.... read more
15. tammikuuta 2018 19:26:06 Categories: Crikey logo
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