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MKR blitzes ratings as Ten struggle continues 

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Ten audience share finally reaches double figures... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 9:57:37 Categories: Crikey logo

How to fix the affordability crisis 

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The sheer desperation of the rental dragon-chase has become a cause of vast misery for lower-income people.... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 13:07:43 Categories: Crikey logo

'Another rotten night' for 'Biggest Loser' 

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A modest increase for The Biggest Loser doesn't change matters at Ten.... read more
21. maaliskuuta 2017 8:50:50 Categories: Crikey logo

MPs offered new numbers after phone blunder 

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The DPS will soon update politicians with details of what had been disclosed and how to "block nuisance caller numbers".... read more
21. maaliskuuta 2017 7:05:37 Categories: Crikey logo

Croc wars: The case for culling 

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It is no surprise that the debate around whether or not we should "manage" croc populations re-ignites when attacks like this take place, writes Crikey intern Isabelle Amy.... read more
21. maaliskuuta 2017 1:35:39 Categories: Crikey logo

Ten ratings collapse in miserable slide 

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Ten is in serious trouble.... read more
20. maaliskuuta 2017 5:49:34 Categories: Crikey logo

What's happened to 'Family Feud'? 

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Nothing but ratings flops and financial woe for Ten.... read more
17. maaliskuuta 2017 4:35:19 Categories: Crikey logo

'Biggest Loser' continues to live up to its name 

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'The Biggest Loser' continues to live up to its name, with viewer figures falling even further.... read more
16. maaliskuuta 2017 6:20:14 Categories: Crikey logo

How did 'Biggest Loser' perform in ratings? 

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A disastrous start for The Biggest Loser: Transformed on Ten.... read more
15. maaliskuuta 2017 9:13:48 Categories: Crikey logo

'Ten's future could very well be decided' 

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The I'm a Celebrity finale brought about a decent increase in viewers, but Ten's issues may be broader.... read more
14. maaliskuuta 2017 7:19:54 Categories: Crikey logo

News continues to flounder, while 'Gogglebox' soars 

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Apart from Nine news on Sunday night with 1.051 million, it has been a less than stirring performance by the flagship news programs for Nine, Seven and the ABC (ten's 5 pm news has been consistent at just under half a million) this week. ... read more
10. maaliskuuta 2017 3:48:16 Categories: Crikey logo

Plenty of blame to go round for gas 'crisis' 

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The "crisis" in gas supply has been a long time coming and the Coalition's war on climate policy has made it worse.... read more
9. maaliskuuta 2017 13:35:54 Categories: Crikey logo

Which network served up the goods in the ratings? 

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A clear run for Seven, and yet more troubles for Aunty... read more
9. maaliskuuta 2017 7:03:28 Categories: Crikey logo

Will Donald Trump get impeached? 

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As long as Republicans are happy to have Trump in office, he'll stay.... read more
8. maaliskuuta 2017 23:35:02 Categories: Crikey logo

Human Services struggles under Centrelink debacle 

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Centrelink's robodebt notices scheme is the end result of years of budget cuts to the Department of Human Services, the union says.... read more
8. maaliskuuta 2017 5:02:36 Categories: Crikey logo

Nine wins the battle, but Seven wins the war 

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Nine wins the battle of the reality shows, Seven wins the overall war.... read more
7. maaliskuuta 2017 5:03:42 Categories: Crikey logo

Is Hanson becoming electoral poison? 

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Colin Barnett hoped a deal with One Nation would save the Western Australian Liberals, but it could be the nail in the party's coffin.... read more
6. maaliskuuta 2017 13:34:16 Categories: Crikey logo

'Married' takes the lead over 'MKR' 

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Nine edges Seven in the battle of the reality shows, while the Cricket dominates on Foxtel.... read more
6. maaliskuuta 2017 7:17:35 Categories: Crikey logo

ABC middle management to get the chop 

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Staff have been told that a briefing will take place at noon tomorrow at the ABC's Ultimo headquarters.... read more
6. maaliskuuta 2017 6:32:32 Categories: Crikey logo

Who ruled in the ratings between Seven and Ten? 

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The ratings for Donald's speech were not exactly yuuuge.... read more
2. maaliskuuta 2017 8:50:53 Categories: Crikey logo
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