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'Bachelorette' makes history in first episode 

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Viewers turned out for Sophie's choice on The Bachelorette.... read more
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Big win for 'The Block' in ratings war 

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The Matilda's winning streak continues, as does that of The Block.... read more
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'The Block' dominates Aussie TV 

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The Block once again dominated on a flat night all round.... read more
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'Block' threat gives Nine the night 

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The Block continues to dominate for Channel Nine.... read more
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Rate rise 'not looming' 

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The kind of jobs growth we're seeing at the moment would traditionally have the RBA reaching for the interest rate trigger. But not now, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.... read more
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Problem 'not seen since 1922' 

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The last time Australian voters had a non-compulsory vote in a federal election, less than 60% of eligible voters turned up. ... read more
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No fresh food allowed for refugees in detention centre 

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The Department of Immigration has declared war on fruits and vegetables, as visitors are no longer able to bring home-cooked meals or fresh produce to visit people in immigration detention. Freelance journalist Rebekah Holt reports.... read more
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'Gruen's' return was 'disappointing' 

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Gruen was a bit disappointing.... read more
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Is energy uncertainty a gift for Turnbull? 

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By prolonging uncertainty around investment in energy generation, the government gives itself scope to keep blaming Labor and renewables for blackouts -- at least until voters wake up to it.... read more
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'The Block' dominates TV again 

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Seven gained a little ground, but Nine still narrowly won the night.... read more
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Buyer beware: the warning signs for Liddell buyers 

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The Turnbull government really wants someone, anyone, to buy the Liddell coal-fired power plant. But lessons from Hazelwood should remind any potential buyer that an ageing, dying power plant is often more trouble than it's worth.... read more
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What you haven't been told about Ten's collapse 

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Ten is now solvent and its future assured after CBS injected over $200 million to become one of the major secured creditors.... read more
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No campaign's 'secret strategy' revealed 

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Step 1: talk about freedom. Step 2: talk about the children. Step 3: mention the 260 genders that will result from a Yes vote.... read more
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PM comes out on top after photo 'outrage' 

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In a vicious cycle of outrage, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull winds up looking relatable in a picture of himself nursing a beer and a baby at the footy.... read more
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'The Block' reaches highest figures in three years 

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AFL was at the head of the pack for ratings over the weekend.... read more
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AFL and NRL will 'dominate' TV this weekend 

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AFL and Rugby, both domestic and international will dominate TV over the weekend.... read more
8. syyskuuta 2017 9:23:00 Categories: Crikey logo

'Footy Show' continues to 'slide' 

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Another win for Channel Nine, and solid send offs for Mad as Hell and Utopia.... read more
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'Nowhere near good enough for the money sunk into it' 

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Nine's win over the other channels last night was far more convincing than the Socceroos against Thailand.... read more
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'The Block' continues to rise 

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Channel Nine left the other channels far, far behind them last night.... read more
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'WAxit implications for Turnbull are no joke' 

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The establishment of a party committee to consider ways to pursue "financial independence" is obviously not to be taken seriously. However, WA's GST complaints should be.... read more
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