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Is $593m da Vinci painting fake? 

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On Wednesday, auction records were shattered when an anonymous buyer spent $US450.3 million ($593.6 million) to be the proud owner of a "long lost" painting "by" Leonardo da Vinci. ... read more
18. marraskuuta 2017 6:14:51 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

The dark side of genetic engineering 

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For the native species of New Zealand, European settlement was particularly cruel. ... read more
17. marraskuuta 2017 20:47:02 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Massive Antarctica iceberg stuns scientists 

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Back in July, satellite images showed an iceberg bigger than the state of Delaware calving and drifting away from Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf. ... read more
15. marraskuuta 2017 12:16:49 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Scientists find 3.7 billion-year-old living fossil in Tasmania 

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Researchers were checking out an unusual peaty-limestone freshwater swamp in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage ... read more
15. marraskuuta 2017 9:00:03 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

A 3.7 billion-year-old life form found alive in Tassie 

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Researchers were checking out an unusual peaty-limestone freshwater swamp in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage ... read more
15. marraskuuta 2017 6:59:52 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Health experts: Psychological effects of SSM ordeal far from over 

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The results of the $122 million non-binding postal survey are in - 61 per cent of Australians support a change to marriage laws that would allow equal rights to same-sex couples. ... read more
15. marraskuuta 2017 4:44:48 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Where do colliding black holes come from? 

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When distant black holes (or neutron stars) collide, there's a lot scientists can tell from the way they send gravitational waves rippling through space. ... read more
15. marraskuuta 2017 1:45:49 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Amazon's Australian launch: New details revealed 

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Amazon Australia has laid out its plans during a marketplace summit in Sydney. We finally have some firm details about the launch, including a delivery time promise. Here's what you need to know!... read more
13. marraskuuta 2017 7:14:50 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

US Air Force wants to put lasers on fighter jets by 2021 

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The US Air Force's scientific research wing is giving Lockheed Martin $US26.3 million ($34.3 million) "for the design, development, and production of a high power fibre laser" which it expects to start testing on a tactical fighter jet in four years. Sounds cool and certainly futuristic, but the jury's still out on whether these weapons have any real tactical value.... read more
11. marraskuuta 2017 20:47:45 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Warm water has existed on Saturn's moon enceladus for very long 

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If you were to fly over Enceladus' southernmost regions, you'd witness a remarkable sight. ... read more
10. marraskuuta 2017 20:56:36 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Why you don't need an expensive new phone 

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Hold on just a moment before you drop $1579 (or more!) on an iPhone X - or another expensive phone from Samsung, Google, or anyone else. Do you really need that flagship handset? ... read more
10. marraskuuta 2017 20:26:41 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Twitter expands character limit to 280 

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Feeling left out because your fancy friends are acting all fancy with their doubled Twitter character limit? Nah, me neither. But hey - at least they won't be fancy for long, they'll just be normal like the rest of us plebs. That's right, Twitter is giving us all 280 characters.... read more
8. marraskuuta 2017 6:44:38 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Rare photos from atmospheric nuclear tests emerge 

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The last American nuclear weapons test conducted in the atmosphere was on 4 November 1962. And the website Topic got its hands on some newly declassified photos from that period, which look like exquisitely macabre art.... read more
7. marraskuuta 2017 10:44:39 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Oldest spiral galaxy on record revealed 

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Galaxies didn't always take on the beautiful spiral shape we've come to associate with Andromeda and our own Milky Way. ... read more
7. marraskuuta 2017 4:15:09 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

How to watch the 2017 Melbourne Cup live 

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The 2017 Melbourne Cup is less than a day away -- so if you're in it to win, you don't have long to place your bets. If you're just looking for the simplest and most convenient way to watch along, here's how and when you can do exactly that.... read more
6. marraskuuta 2017 22:16:32 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Proposed space port to be built in Arnhem Land 

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The Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust has leased 275 hectares from north-east Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory to be used as a commercial rocket launching facility. ... read more
6. marraskuuta 2017 1:44:53 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

We now know where dingoes came from 

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It's underwater now, but there used to be a land-bridge between mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea.... read more
1. marraskuuta 2017 7:14:51 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

NASA's spooky space playlist is here for Halloween 

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In space, it has been said, no one can hear you scream. That may very well be the case, but that doesn't mean space isn't filled with an abundance of strange sounds.... read more
31. lokakuuta 2017 1:30:50 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

Twitter admits to 'making a crucial error' 

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Today Twitter revealed that while it's actually growing now -- it added four million monthly Tweeters over the last three months.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 8:15:17 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo

These endangered wildlife pics are artistic masterpieces 

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Human's impact on nature is unmistakable, from vast swaths of garbage on beaches. Looking at these images might be upsetting, but still demonstrate what we've done. They don't demonstrate what we might lose.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 8:15:14 Categories: Gizmodo Australia logo
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