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Boyfriend fined $190 for killing girlfriend 

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<p>An Australian man who pleaded guilty to accidentally killing his girlfriend in a jetski crash says he is looking forward to returning home to pay his respects to her family.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 23:47:31 Categories: ABC News logo

Government's childcare reforms pass the Senate 

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The legislation for the Federal Government's overhaul of the childcare system pass the Senate despite Labor and Greens opposition, but must return to the Lower House with an amendment.... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 18:45:55 Categories: ABC News logo

Skydiver dies after parachute fails to open 

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A skydiver dies after his parachute fails to open properly on landing at York in Western Australia, where the Australian National Skydiving Championships are being held.... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 15:32:37 Categories: ABC News logo

Liberal MP to be grilled by corruption inquiry 

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Federal MP Stuart Robert will be grilled by Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission at a public hearing into last year's local council elections.... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 12:00:01 Categories: ABC News logo

Man allegedly killed wife for not supporting IS 

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Police believe a Melbourne man who "slaughtered" and then mutilated his wife in front of their three young children may have murdered her because she did not want him to join the Islamic State group in Syria.... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 11:00:32 Categories: ABC News logo

Government blocks Syrian and Iraqi refugees 

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<p>The Federal Government has refused entry to more than 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees over the last year because they failed security checks.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 8:59:44 Categories: ABC News logo

'She chose not to go to hospital' 

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<p>A coronial inquest has cleared paramedics of any wrongdoing over the death of a 23-year-old Ballarat woman who died hours after she was told she did not require hospital treatment.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 7:15:06 Categories: ABC News logo

Aussie 'injured' in London attack 

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... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 6:44:21 Categories: ABC News logo

Retirees forced to use super savings for mortgage repayments 

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<p>Retirees are increasingly having to use their superannuation to pay off mortgages as housing costs and home loans expand in size.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 4:59:11 Categories: ABC News logo

Night parrot sighting shocks birdwatching world 

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<p>A group of four birdwatchers from Broome has photographed Australia's most mysterious bird, the night parrot, in Western Australia.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 4:30:43 Categories: ABC News logo

Rex flight makes emergency landing at Dubbo airport 

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<p>A Rex Airlines flight has made an emergency landing at Dubbo Airport.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 4:30:34 Categories: ABC News logo

Man's body pulled from Adelaide river 

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The body of a young man who went missing earlier today is recovered from the River Torrens near the University of Adelaide, after a major search operation involving police divers.... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 4:14:33 Categories: ABC News logo

Chinese premier touches down in Australia for state visit 

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<p>Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has touched down in Canberra for a five-day visit focussed on strengthening China's economic relationship with Australia and positioning his country as a bulwark against rising protectionism.</p>... read more
23. maaliskuuta 2017 0:00:46 Categories: ABC News logo

130 guns stolen, police fear 'something disastrous' 

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More than 100 handguns including revolvers and semi-automatics are stolen from a firearms store in Perth's southern suburbs in what police describe as a "highly organised" heist.... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 16:38:14 Categories: ABC News logo

Accused killer ex wrote 'Things I Don't Like' list 

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The accused killer of Shandee Blackburn allegedly wrote a letter titled "30 Things About Shandee I Don't Like" soon after their relationship ended, a court in north Queensland hears.... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 14:52:55 Categories: ABC News logo

Plasma flame that could make mould history 

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<p>The technology is cheap to build.</p>... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 11:38:13 Categories: ABC News logo

Ley breaks silence on career-ending expense scandal 

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<p>An independent report into all of Liberal MP Sussan Ley's work travel expenses has found she breached the rules once over a three-and-a-half year period.</p>... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 9:20:10 Categories: ABC News logo

Severe thunderstorm bringing hail heads for Sydney 

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<p>A severe thunderstorm is developing in western parts of Sydney and is expected to bring heavy rainfall, damaging winds and large hailstones, the Bureau of Meteorology says.</p>... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 9:04:32 Categories: ABC News logo

'Why are all these millipedes showing up in my house?' 

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<p>'Why are all these millipedes showing up in my house?' is a question pest controller Michael Cutting has been hearing a lot in recent months.</p>... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 7:50:26 Categories: ABC News logo

When is it okay to catcall a woman? A guide 

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<p>When is it OK for a man to wolf-whistle at a woman? Many will say, "never". Many others will say, "What a stupid question, don't be such a pig".</p>... read more
22. maaliskuuta 2017 5:35:34 Categories: ABC News logo
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